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€4.49 Ex Tax: €3.65
Evans Protect RTU- 1X750ML - Disinfectant Cleaner     Protect™ RTU   Disinfectant Cleaner Ready to use, multi purpose sanitiser with a clean, fresh fragrance Kills bacteria. Passes EN 1276 at recommended dilution rate & contact time Ideal in schools, leisure centres, clinics an..
€4.49 Ex Tax: €3.65
€10.32 Ex Tax: €8.39
  -one of the most cost effective pine disinfectants out there -suitable for commercial & domestic use -contain very strong pine perfume -suitable to use on most surfaces -kills bacteria & disinfects   Evans Pynol Disinfectant – Where to use Evans Pynol Disinfectant is a pine based general c..
€10.32 Ex Tax: €8.39

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 -the ideal cleaning products for the health care establishments-it is suitable for deep cleaning areas with high infection risk-it will remove general dirt and infections from a wide range of surfaces-unperfumed bactericidal cleaner and disinfectant. Passes EN 1276-suitable for commercial and ..
€6.40 Ex Tax: €5.20
  -a ready to use general hard surface cleaner -cleans fast and leaves no strakes -brilliant glass cleaner -contains no perfume -just spray & wipe -affordable     Evans Spray & Wipe – Where to use Evans Spray & Wipe must be the most versatile general cleaner ever. This soft eco friendly pr..
€20.07 Ex Tax: €16.32
  -superb quality multi surface cleaner and sanitiser -removes general soiling and cleans streak free -tone cleaning product for all your cleaning needs -suitable for cleaning laminate, glass, veneers, etc -suitable for cleaning food displays & cooking area -efficient, affordable, long lasting..
€3.39 Ex Tax: €2.76
€10.09 Ex Tax: €8.20
  -superb dilution rate -floral perfume -neutral cleaning product -eco friendly green rating   Evans Versatile Hard Surface Cleaner – Dilution Versatile Hard Surface Cleaner is a cleaning product with a very high dilution ratio. Depending on the type of cleaning you plan to do the d..
€10.09 Ex Tax: €8.20