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Cleanfast Clean & Fresh Multi Purpose Cleaner -universal multi purpose cleaner suitable for all surfaces-suitable for cleaning and sanitising floors, walls, furniture-this product contains a very pleasant and durable perfume-recommended for cleaning mirrors, glass, porcelain, sinks-it will ..
€20.90 Ex Tax: €16.99
€21.22 Ex Tax: €17.25
Cleanfast Floor Cleaner 5L-heavy duty commercial and domestic floor cleaning detergent-one of the most powerful and most efficient floor cleaners-suitable for deep cleaning and daily floor maintenance-very efficient on tiles, wood, vinyl, lino, marmoleum, stone-ph 13, dilution rate 1 to 100, medium ..
€21.22 Ex Tax: €17.25
€9.82 Ex Tax: €7.98
Cleanfast Lemon Disinfectant - Multi Purpose Disinfectant-highly popular lemon disinfectant & multi purpose cleaner-suitable for cleaning and disinfecting floors, walls, tiles and kitchen surfaces-it will deep clean instantly and deodorize the whole area-outstanding finish on shiny porcelain til..
€9.82 Ex Tax: €7.98
€17.42 Ex Tax: €14.16
Cleanfast Lemon GelNeutral professional floor cleaner and floor maintainerHighly concentrated and suitable to use on all floor typesNeutral PH, a gel like composition and 1 to 200 dilution ratioCan be used as a floor cleaner or as a hard surface cleanerCan be used with all known cleaning systemsReco..
€17.42 Ex Tax: €14.16
Cleanfast Mop Shine Floor CleanerHeavy duty floor cleaner & maintainerSuitable for mopping or machine useSafe to use on very sensitive floorsWill leave the floor shiny & spotlessRecommended for commercial floorsVery concentrated floor cleaning agentIt contains a pleasant lemon fragranceThis ..
€16.97 Ex Tax: €13.80
Cleanfast Multi Shine Neutral Floor MaintainerA neutral floor cleaner, maintainer & gloss restorGreat cleaning power, increases the floor protectionWill create a glossy slip resistant finishCan be used with a high speed floor bufferCan also be used with a mopping systemContains a pleasant & ..
€16.22 Ex Tax: €13.19
€23.25 Ex Tax: €18.90
Cleanfast Oil Dispersant-environmentally safe surfactant designed to emulsify oil-suitable for removing oil stains from paving, tarmac, concrete-also highly recommended for garage floor maintenance-will react in contact with oils & will facilitate easy removal-suitable for commercial and domesti..
€23.25 Ex Tax: €18.90
€18.33 Ex Tax: €14.90
Cleanfast Pine GelGeneral purpose cleaner and multi surface disinfectantIt is suitable for cleaning all types of washable surfacesRecommended for cleaning floor tiles, bathrooms, bins, sinksThe cheapest way of maintaining high traffic public toiletsThis product is recommended for the commercial mark..
€18.33 Ex Tax: €14.90
Cleanfast Scrub Clean Low Foam Floor CleanerA concentrated alkaline universal heavy duty floor cleaner (low foam)It can be used with a standard mopping system or with a scrubber drierIt will provide amazing results on lino, vinyl, marmoleum, amtico & altroThis product is “food safe” at the recom..
€16.48 Ex Tax: €13.40

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€5.54 Ex Tax: €4.50
Cleanfast Shift Plus DegreaserVery powerful commercial degreaser & sanitiserSuitable for commercial and domestic cleaningHighly concentrated, cost effective & safe to useIt melts grease, fat, oils, carbon & body fats instantlyIt can be used on walls, ceilings, floors & glassThis prod..
€5.54 Ex Tax: €4.50