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Hard Surface Disinfection Wipes / 200 Per Tube / 70% AlcoholHeavy duty alcohol based disinfection wipes from ClinitexPowerful disinfecting wipes, isopropyl alcohol based200 wipes per tube, foil sealed to avoid leaking, colour : blueHighly recommended for the food processing/cooking industryIndepende..
€12.09 Ex Tax: €9.99
€10.65 Ex Tax: €8.80
  -200 wipes per tube, suitable for commercial and domestic use-the most efficient and the easiest way of cleaning hard surfaces-one wipe will replace the need of using cloths or cleaning products-it will clean and disinfect most types of hard surfaces & even glass-recommended for commerci..
€10.65 Ex Tax: €8.80
  -highly efficient and very cost effective wet wipes-powerful cleaner and surface disinfecting wipes-suitable for cleaning all types of hard surfaces-suitable to use around the food preparation areas-it will clean and disinfect in one easy operation-suitable for commercial and domestic cleani..
€31.45 Ex Tax: €25.99