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Cleanfast Break Tru Drain UnblockerOne of the most effective drain unblockers available in IrelandThis product is highly effective, highly active and can be dangerous if safety guidelines are not followedIt will help burn and disintegrate grease, fat, organic materialsTo be used undiluted directly o..
€13.52 Ex Tax: €10.99
 Evans E.M.C Plus Floor Cleaner & Degreaser-super concentrated alkali degreaser & general cleaner-removes with ease grease, fat & oils from most surfaces-high dilution ratio means very long lasting product-contain no perfume – recommended for the food industry-efficient floor degrea..
€14.64 Ex Tax: €11.90
€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.25
 *** not suitable for delivery. Collection only***Evans G.A.C General Acid Cleaner  Heavy duty general acid cleaner suitable for exterior cleaningSuitable for removing mortar splashes from brick walls/facadesHighly acidic, very toxic, very effective, for professionals onlyIt can be us..
€19.99 Ex Tax: €16.25

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€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.66
Evans Everfresh Apple-heavy duty bathroom cleaner & toilet descaler-highly perfumed gel like universal toilet cleaner-suitable for daily cleaning and maintenance-neutral PH, it will attach to vertical surfaces-deep cleans and deodorises in one go-can also be used with a mopping system -highly po..
€4.50 Ex Tax: €3.66
€17.56 Ex Tax: €14.28
Faber Deep DegreaserProfessional quality deep degreaser suitable for all tiled floorsIt will remove all kinds of grease, grime, impregnated dirt, oil stainsSuitable for removing tyre marks caused by traffic, forklifts or hoistsHighly efficient against dirt but very sensitive on the base surfaceTo be..
€17.56 Ex Tax: €14.28
Faber Disycott Acid Based Heavy Duty Floor CleanerSuitable for heavy duty floor cleaning and cement residue removerSafe to use on all acid resistant natural stones, terracotta, terrazzoUsually used for removing grout and cement residue from new floorsHighly concentrated, highly active, strong odour,..
€52.89 Ex Tax: €43.00