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€64.12 Ex Tax: €52.99
-professional organic carpet cleaning powder-powerful deep cleaner & stain removing agent-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning-recommended for carpets, sofas, rugs, chairs-no drying time required. Great stain removerCraftex Dry Fibre Compound ReviewLots of grime piles up within the fi..
€64.12 Ex Tax: €52.99
-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic -suitable for commercial and domestic use-140L, large 865 mm x 1370 mm (5 bags per roll)-suitable for heavy duty general waste collection-premium quality degradable plastic bagsA Look At The Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin LinersHow do you dispose of th..
€4.59 Ex Tax: €3.79
-large 240L compostable bin liners manufactured in Ireland-manufactured 100% from degradable recycled plastic-suitable for domestic & heavy duty commercial waste-it will fit most large bins and some types of wheelie bins-suitable for collecting all types of sharp & hard wasteEarth2Earth 240L..
€5.80 Ex Tax: €4.79

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-heavy duty pedal bin bag from Earth2earth-manufactured from sugar cane materials-255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm, cream, 50 bags-carbon free /100% degradable/ 100% eco bafs-suitable for commercial and domestic use Getting Rid Of Waste With The Earth2Earth Bio Based Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455mm x 4..
€2.66 Ex Tax: €2.20
-high quality compostable plastic bags from Earth2earth-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic components-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use-sold in rolls of 20 bags, 18" x 18” (455 mm x 455 mm)-All Earth2earth bags are manufactured in Ireland-it will full disintegrate in the groun..
€2.41 Ex Tax: €1.99

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-Irish made compostable plastic bags-manufactured from recycled plastic materials-suitable for day to day use and food preparation-available in Small, Medium and Large size-sold in packs of 100 gloves (or packs of 2400)-thick, durable, cost effective and very popular-start using Earth2Earth gloves t..
€4.28 Ex Tax: €3.54
-Irish manufactured degradable plastic bags-heavy duty domestic & commercial suitable -manufactured 100% from recycled materials-sold in rolls of 10 bags (also available in boxes)-degradable plastic breaks down in under 2 years-25.5” x 36” , very popular degradable rubbish bagsEco-friendly ..
€7.25 Ex Tax: €5.99
-top quality professional degradable plastic bags-manufactured 100% in Ireland from recycled plastic-suitable for heavy duty domestic & commercial use-all Earth2earth bags will fully break down in 2 years-the bags are sold in rolls of 10 large degradable sacks-26” x 44” will fit most types of ru..
€8.94 Ex Tax: €7.39
-highly popular 100% compostable bags from Earth2earth-suitable for heavy duty domestic & commercial use-Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic-29” x 39” size, sold in rolls or boxes, Irish manufactured-all Earth2earth bags will fully break down in the groundPrevent Organic Wast..
€8.46 Ex Tax: €6.99
-small degradable plastic sacks manufactured in Ireland-suitable for domestic or heavy duty commercial use-sold in 10 bags per roll, 600 mm x 700 mm, clear plastic-all Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic-be greener from tomorrow, use Earth2earth Plastic bagsEffective Waste Segreg..
€3.62 Ex Tax: €2.99
Tover TOVCOL PU / Mono-Component Polyurethane AdhesiveMono-component polyurethane adhesive Suitable for bonding wood floors, skirting, stairs, profilesQuick setting, bonding on vertical surfaces, no allergySuitable for commercial and domestic floor installationCan be used on any type of sub floors a..
€10.29 Ex Tax: €8.50
Tri Compo Flatmop Velcro Light Blue - 11.5 x 47 Cm..
€8.46 Ex Tax: €6.99