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€1.60 Ex Tax: €1.30
Squeaky Clean Super Scourers Medium abrasive heavy duty universal scourer suitable for domestic & commercial useSold in packs of 3 scourers, safe to use on sensitive surfaces like glass, wood & plasticIt will remove dirt with ease without the risk of scratches.Durable, cost effective &a..
€1.60 Ex Tax: €1.30
€2.45 Ex Tax: €1.99
  -professional quality green scouring pads -suitable for domestic and commercial jobs -durable, rough and very cost effective pads -available in packs of 10 or boxes of 100 -recommended for heavy duty scrubbing  -suitable for oven,kitchen, bathrooms, etc     Green Scouring Pads Review You..
€2.45 Ex Tax: €1.99
-top of the range quality 15gr galvanised scourers-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs-available in bags of 25 scourers or boxes of 100-highly recommended for the kitchen cleaning industry-made from very rough and durable galvanised metal  15gm Galvanised Scourer ReviewWhen ..
€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50
-heavy duty large sponge scourers suitable for the catering industry-sold in packs of 10, very long lasting, very large & very affordable-suitable for daily dish washing or for cleaning and surface scrubbing-much better quality than similar sponge scourers available onlineGetting Rid Of Stubborn..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99