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Black Refuse Sacks 26” x 42” | Contract PlusHeavy duty black bin bags suitable for commercial & domestic useHolds over 20 kg of wet and dry waste, 660 mm x 1070 mmSold in rolls of 25 or large boxes of 200 heavy duty bagsHighly popular with offices, schools, pubs, restaurants, gyms, barsCost effe..
€7.26 Ex Tax: €5.90
Earth2Earth 140L Compostable Bin Liners-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic -suitable for commercial and domestic use-140L, large 865 mm x 1370 mm (5 bags per roll)-suitable for heavy duty general waste collection-premium quality degradable plastic bagsA Look At The Earth2Earth 140L Compost..
€5.60 Ex Tax: €4.55
Earth2Earth 240L Compostable Bin Liners - 5 Bags Per Roll-large 240L compostable bin liners manufactured in Ireland-manufactured 100% from degradable recycled plastic-suitable for domestic & heavy duty commercial waste-it will fit most large bins and some types of wheelie bins-suitable for colle..
€5.89 Ex Tax: €4.79
29" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack - Red - Degradable 25 Bags Per Box..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40
Earth2Earth 30" x 39" Standard Refuse Sack Clear (Slim Jim)-standard degradable 100% plastic bags manufactured in Ireland-Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic materials-sold in rolls of 25 bags, size 30” x 39”, suitable for heavy duty use-recommended for commercial and commercial ..
€5.41 Ex Tax: €4.40
Earth2earth 45 L Food Waste Pedal BinHeavy duty food waste pedal bin suitable for commercial & domestic useManufactured from quality heavy duty partial recycled plastic componentsVery durable, very easy to install, it looks elegant and it fits in all kitchensThe 45 L bin is large enough to be su..
€61.50 Ex Tax: €50.00
Earth2Earth 68 L Grey Pedal Bin | 49 x 40 x 83.5 CmMedium sized heavy duty grey pedal bin from Earth2EarthManufactured from flexible & durable plastic componentsCompatible with dry or wet waste, pedal operated top lidSlim fit so it can fit in all small and compact office cornersThe bin is compat..
€71.34 Ex Tax: €58.00
Earth2Earth 87 L Waste Pedal Bin Grey | 49 x 40 x 105 CmA large general waste bin suitable for commercial & industrial useManufactured from quality heavy duty grey plastic componentsThe lid can be opened and closed with an easy to use pedal systemCompatible with all large compostable & recyc..
€81.18 Ex Tax: €66.00

Available Options

Earth2Earth Bio Based Carbon Captured -| Clear | 38" x 43" -heavy duty plastic bags manufactured from sugar cane extract-100% recyclable, It retains carbon in the process of manufacturing-38” x 43” or  965 mm x 1092 mm, cream, sold in rolls of 25 bags-it will fit most medium size commercia..
€11.59 Ex Tax: €9.42

Available Options

Earth2Earth Bio Based Pedal Bin Liners 255 mm x 455mm x 455 mm (50 bags)-heavy duty pedal bin bag from Earth2earth-manufactured from sugar cane materials-255 mm x 455 mm x 455 mm, cream, 50 bags-carbon free /100% degradable/ 100% eco bafs-suitable for commercial and domestic use Getting Rid Of ..
€2.71 Ex Tax: €2.20

Available Options

Earth2Earth Bio-Based Swing Bin Liners 620 mm x 750 mm (50 Bags Roll)-100% recyclable swing bin liners from Earth2earth-manufactured locally from sugar cane ethanol extract-sold in rolls of 50 bags, 310 mm x 620 mm x 750 mm-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use-start being greener from..
€7.37 Ex Tax: €5.99

Available Options

Earth2earth Bio Based Carbon Captured 26” x 44” | All Colours 100% recyclable, 100% top quality and 100% better than classic plasticEarth2earth Bio Based Bags are manufactured from sugarcane ethanolMuch better quality than standard plastic bags and much “greener”The bags 3 layer co-extrusion re..
€6.99 Ex Tax: €5.68
Earth2Earth Clear Compostable Sacks 18" x 18" - 20 Bags Per Roll-high quality compostable plastic bags from Earth2earth-manufactured 100% from recycled plastic components-suitable for domestic and heavy duty commercial use-sold in rolls of 20 bags, 18" x 18” (455 mm x 455 mm)-All Earth2earth bags ar..
€2.45 Ex Tax: €1.99

Available Options

Earth2Earth Compostable Food Prep Gloves-Irish made compostable plastic bags-manufactured from recycled plastic materials-suitable for day to day use and food preparation-available in Small, Medium and Large size-sold in packs of 100 gloves (or packs of 2400)-thick, durable, cost effective and very ..
€5.81 Ex Tax: €4.72
Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 25.5" x 36"  | 10 Bags Per Roll-Irish manufactured degradable plastic bags-heavy duty domestic & commercial suitable -manufactured 100% from recycled materials-sold in rolls of 10 bags (also available in boxes)-degradable plastic breaks down in under 2 yea..
€7.37 Ex Tax: €5.99
Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 26" x 44" - Clear - 10 Bags Per Roll-top quality professional degradable plastic bags-manufactured 100% in Ireland from recycled plastic-suitable for heavy duty domestic & commercial use-all Earth2earth bags will fully break down in 2 years-the bags are sold in roll..
€9.09 Ex Tax: €7.39
Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 29" x 39" - 10 Bags Per Roll-highly popular 100% compostable bags from Earth2earth-suitable for heavy duty domestic & commercial use-Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic-29” x 39” size, sold in rolls or boxes, Irish manufactured-all Earth2earth ba..
€8.60 Ex Tax: €6.99
Earth2Earth Compostable Sacks 600 mm x 700 mm - Clear - 10 Bags-small degradable plastic sacks manufactured in Ireland-suitable for domestic or heavy duty commercial use-sold in 10 bags per roll, 600 mm x 700 mm, clear plastic-all Earth2earth bags are manufactured from recycled plastic-be greener fr..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99

Available Options

Earth2earth Compostable T-Shirt Bags (With Handle)100% compostable plastic bags suitable for retail useDurable, affordable and very well madePerfect for market stalls, shops, butchers, domestic useAvailable in rolls of 300 bags or boxes of 1800 bagsSize: 34 cm x 29.5 cm + 13 cm the handle, EN1342&nb..
€19.47 Ex Tax: €15.83

Available Options

Waste Watchers | Shredinator Body | Executive GreyProfessional universal plastic bin suitable for all types of commercial useManufactured from heavy duty plastic components, available in 3 sizesIt can be used with or without a plastic bag, very slim and compact shapeThe bin is manufactured from shoc..
€52.15 Ex Tax: €42.40