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€51.17 Ex Tax: €41.60
-heavy duty alkaline deep cleaning solution from Faber-highly concentrated cleaner suitable for commercial use-tough on dirt and very gentle on polished or sealed floors-it can be used with all known cleaning systems and machines-safe to use on marble, porcelain, natural stones, ceramicSurface Care ..
€51.17 Ex Tax: €41.60
€7.01 Ex Tax: €5.70
a very efficient daily cleaner and maintainer for marbleit will deep clean, refresh and deodorise the floor surfacesuitable to use on sensitive and very sensitive stone floorshighly concentrated and very cost effective, low foam neutral floor cleaner that requires no rinsing after cleaningsuitable f..
€7.01 Ex Tax: €5.70
-daily floor cleaner and floor maintainer from Faber-recommended for maintaining natural stone floors-to be diluted 1 to 100 before use (highly concentrate)-suitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning-safe to use on highly polished & sealed stone floors-it will clean instant and it will ..
€30.75 Ex Tax: €25.00
Faber Clean Ceramic Greentech - 100% Eco Ceramic Floor Cleaner..
€18.08 Ex Tax: €14.70
Faber Clean Wood Greentech - 100% Eco Wood Floor Cleaner..
€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00
€15.87 Ex Tax: €12.90
-heavy duty alkaline cleaner suitable for internal & external use-it will remove with easy mould, alagae, fungi, grout dirt, grease-it will evaporate dark marks and oxidation from natural stone floors-highly concentrated detergent - dilution required before use-improves further resistance to tra..
€15.87 Ex Tax: €12.90
Faber Cottosolv 5L -  Heavy Duty Alkaline Based Degreaser & Floor Cleaner..
€72.08 Ex Tax: €58.60
€13.62 Ex Tax: €11.07
-solvent based, low odour, wax stripper & solvent sealant remover-suitable for removing solvent waxes and polishes from multi surfaces-it can be used as a heavy duty grease and oil stain remover & degreaser-it will not affect the colour of the surface & it will not change the colour-it w..
€13.62 Ex Tax: €11.07
€12.47 Ex Tax: €10.14
-slightly acidic floor cleaning detergent suitable for deep cleaning-it will remove dirt from marble, terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain, tiles-safe to use on polished and unpolished surfaces (including sealed)-Deterfug  is highly concentrated, very efficient & very cost effective-suitable for do..
€12.47 Ex Tax: €10.14
Faber Deterfug 5L - Slightly Acidic Universal Floor Cleaner..
€57.80 Ex Tax: €46.99
Faber Disycott 5L - Highly concentrated Acidic Floor Cleaner..
€51.66 Ex Tax: €42.00
-neutral concentrated PH neutral marble cleaner & maintainer-very effective on dirt and very soft the the natural stone surface-suitable to use on polished and unpolished natural stone floors-to be diluted to the recommended dilution of 1 to 50 before use-suitable for heavy duty commercial use a..
€72.57 Ex Tax: €59.00