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€45.50 Ex Tax: €36.99
Faber AS 930 Terracotta Sealer-suitable for sealing terracotta, terrazzo, concrete-quick drying, non glazing solvent based sealant-1 L will cover around 30 sq meter of floors (+-)-it will not create an artificial finish on marble-suitable for commercial and industrial traffic-it can be applied with ..
€45.50 Ex Tax: €36.99
Faber B 1/920 Polishing Wax For Vertical Surfaces (Walls)-wax emulsion resin suitable for sealing vertical surfaces (walls)-Faber B1/920 creates an ultra fine non visible protective coat-it seals and waterproofs the surface and it facilitate easy cleaning-professional sealer suitable for commercial ..
€23.36 Ex Tax: €18.99
Faber Ecoseal Marble l Marble Stain Proof And ImpregnatorHigh quality marble sealer and impregnator made from plant extractsSuitable for sealing all types of marble floors, marble walls, worktops, statuesPenetrates deep and prevents staining on marble floor / waterproofingPrevents rising water from ..
€85.98 Ex Tax: €69.90

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€33.21 Ex Tax: €27.00
Faber HIDROFAB AR Natural Stone Sealer-water based dirt-proof wax polish with a cool satin finish-suitable to use on marble, porcelain, concrete, natural stones-this product is also suitable to use on parquet & wood floors-it will seal the surface and it will facilitate easy maintenance-it will ..
€33.21 Ex Tax: €27.00
€105.78 Ex Tax: €86.00
Faber Limestone Densifier-water based, water repellent, non glazing limestone sealer-suitable for preventing raining damp & aid mechanical polishing-VOC free, one of the greenest limestone sealer available in Ireland-it will drastically reduce the water absorption & avoid damp issues-it will..
€105.78 Ex Tax: €86.00
Faber Liquid Wax 1L | Solvent Based Marble & Natural Stone Sealant-low cost universal liquid wax from Faber-quick drying, glossy, solvent based wax-works on floors, worktops, walls, statues-to be applied with a brush or a dry cloth-it can be applied over pre-existing finishes-protects against wa..
€20.90 Ex Tax: €16.99

Available Options

Faber MA 90/V Solvent Based, Stone Sealant, Wet Look, Colour Enhancer Protective Treatment For Natural Stones-solvent based stain proof seal suitable to use on natural stones-sold in 1L bottles - it will cover 20-40 sq meters of surface per 1L-it will finish all natural stone surfaces in a nice cool..
€38.12 Ex Tax: €30.99

Available Options

Faber MA90 Solvent Based Stone Sealant & Wet Look Treatment For Natural Stones-solvent based impregnator, stain proof & sealer from Faber--sold in 1L bottles - it will cover 20-40 sq meters of surface per 1L-suitable to use on all natural stones, paving, limestone, concrete-it will dry in mi..
€33.20 Ex Tax: €26.99
Faber P147 l Solvent Based Natural Stone ImpregnatorSolvent based natural stone sealer and impregnator from FaberNon yellowing, non glazing, fast drying, colour enhancer, cheapSuitable to use on all natural stones, patios, concrete, paving, etcWet look high coverage impregnator for indoor and outdoo..
€51.65 Ex Tax: €41.99

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€37.52 Ex Tax: €30.50
Faber SAFE MARBLE 1L-water based anti slip treatment for marble & natural stones-it will increase grip on polished and sealed natural stones-it will penetrate the stone and it will create a safe surfaces-it also create a perfect water repellent surface (without glazing)-it will not alter the loo..
€37.52 Ex Tax: €30.50
€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00
Faber SOLID WAX-quality solid wax suitable for refreshing & maintaining floor-suitable to use on natural stone and terrazzo floors & tiles-solvent based wax,. quick drying and suitable for high traffic-to be used on walls, floors & all surfaces made from stones-it will create a beautiful..
€15.99 Ex Tax: €13.00
Faber YS ONE - Anti Slip Treatment For Granite & Tiles-water based non slip treatment for ceramic, porcelain & quart stones-it will increase surface grip on floors without altering the colour/look-suitable to use on domestic floors and high traffic commercial floors-the product will create m..
€30.14 Ex Tax: €24.50