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Faber Ecoseal Limestone l Travertine Sealer & Stain ProofWater based, VOC free, limestone sealer from FaberNon glazing, deep penetrating, colourless impregnatorManufactured from 100% biodegradable plant extractSuitable to use on all unsealed limestone surfacesProvides outstanding protection agai..
€84.75 Ex Tax: €68.90
€159.90 Ex Tax: €130.00
Faber Hidro Protector MM l Natural Stone ImpregnatorA top quality water based natural stone impregnator to prevent rising waterIt will seal the inside of the stone while still allowing the stone to fully breathIt will not alter the look of the stone, it will not glaze and it will last for yearsEco f..
€159.90 Ex Tax: €130.00
Faber Hidro SST / Natural Stone Impregnator High performance water based deep penetrating natural stone sealerVOC free, fast drying, superior coverage area, suitable for indoor & outdoor useThe ideal sealer for stopping rising water and preventing staining on floorsCan be applied on 5 sides..
€143.91 Ex Tax: €117.00

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Faber Protex WB l Water Based Sealer And Impregnator100% eco friendly water based sealer and natural stone impregnatorIt will penetrate the surface deep and it will not glaze or create glossIt will prevent rising water and salt stains rising and staining the floorIt can be used as a 5 side tile trea..
€33.21 Ex Tax: €27.00
Faber Sol 170 / Solvent Based Water Repellent..
€20.91 Ex Tax: €17.00