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€12.18 Ex Tax: €9.90
Amtico Maintainer -neutral amtico floor cleaner -safe to use on sealed and unsealed amtico floors -cleans & enhances all polished surfaces Amtico Maintainer was designed to safely clean and remove most types of general dirt and residue from amtico floors. This is a highly concentrated floor ..
€12.18 Ex Tax: €9.90
€13.52 Ex Tax: €10.99
Neutral professional floor cleaner and floor maintainerHighly concentrated and suitable to use on all floor typesNeutral PH, a gel like composition and 1 to 200 dilution ratioCan be used as a floor cleaner or as a hard surface cleanerCan be used with all known cleaning systemsRecommended for commerc..
€13.52 Ex Tax: €10.99
Heavy duty floor cleaner & maintainerSuitable for mopping or machine useSafe to use on very sensitive floorsWill leave the floor shiny & spotlessRecommended for commercial floorsVery concentrated floor cleaning agentIt contains a pleasant lemon fragranceThis product is manufactured in Irelan..
€12.24 Ex Tax: €9.95
A concentrated alkaline universal heavy duty floor cleaner (low foam)It can be used with a standard mopping system or with a scrubber drierIt will provide amazing results on lino, vinyl, marmoleum, amtico & altroThis product is “food safe” at the recommended dilution of 1 to 80It will work as we..
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
    -highly efficient floor cleaner & floor sanitising agent -recommended for places where food is cooked -it will degrease and clean any type of commercial floor -superb dilution rate and superb cleaning power -recommended for all types of non porous floors -suitable for kitche..
€13.78 Ex Tax: €11.20
€51.17 Ex Tax: €41.60
-heavy duty alkaline deep cleaning solution from Faber-highly concentrated cleaner suitable for commercial use-tough on dirt and very gentle on polished or sealed floors-it can be used with all known cleaning systems and machines-safe to use on marble, porcelain, natural stones, ceramicSurface Care ..
€51.17 Ex Tax: €41.60