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€6.04 Ex Tax: €4.91
Ettore Perforated Window ClothProfessional glass polishing cloth from EttoreSuitable for commercial and domestic cleaningHighly absorbent, manufactured from quality PVA38 cm x 40 cm. Yellow, packaged individuallyLeaves the glass streak free & 100% spotlessAffordable, cost effective and very long..
€6.04 Ex Tax: €4.91
-professional linen scrim suitable for window cleaning-it will create a streak free finish on glass and mirrors-highly recommended for commercial window cleaning-199 GSM, 1 piece only, absorbent, machine washableWindow Care With Linen ScrimDust, fingerprints on the windows, grease spots that impede ..
€10.09 Ex Tax: €8.20
-large professional microfiber glass cleaning cloth-much better quality than standard cleaning cloths-suitable for professional window cleaning projects-to be used on mirrors, windows, glass tables, tiles-it will create a perfect streak free finish on glassSuperb Window Cleaning With The Optima ‘Gla..
€6.03 Ex Tax: €4.90
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99
-commercial & domestic window cleaning cloth-suitable for cleaning glass, mirrors, screens, etc-it will create a streak free finish on windows-40 cm x 40 cm, microfiber, blue, soft, low costBring Back The Sparkle To Your Surfaces With The Optima ‘Glass’ Microfibre Glass ClothThe Optima ‘Glass’ M..
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99

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Professional Glasswork Wipe 45 cm x 65 cmLarge professional microfiber cloth from Concept MicrofiberSuitable for polishing glass, dishes, plates, windows, mirrorsHighly recommended for the catering industry & food industry45 cm x 65 cm, blue, silky finish, top quality, machine washableAvailable ..
€4.91 Ex Tax: €3.99

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€10.65 Ex Tax: €8.66
Window Cleaning Pad / 40 Cm Velcro Back Microfiber band structured in pleats for maximum efficiencySuitable for domestic and commercial window cleaning jobsCompatible with Concept Microfiber 40 Cm Velcro FrameRecommended for hotels, bars, restaurants, officesRemoves dirt with ease due to its un..
€10.65 Ex Tax: €8.66