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    -universal multi purpose cleaner suitable for all surfaces -suitable for cleaning and sanitising floors, walls, furniture -this product contains a very pleasant and durable perfume -recommended for cleaning mirrors, glass, porcelain, sinks -it will kill MRSA, Staph, E.Coli, C. D..
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
    -highly efficient floor cleaner & floor sanitising agent -recommended for places where food is cooked -it will degrease and clean any type of commercial floor -superb dilution rate and superb cleaning power -recommended for all types of non porous floors -suitable for kitche..
€13.78 Ex Tax: €11.20
€16.35 Ex Tax: €13.29
  Craftex Traffic Lane Cleaner High PH 12   -very active traffic lane cleaner & spot remover -suitable to use on very dirty carpets and fabrics -to be pre-sprayed with 10 minutes before cleaning -this product is highly concentrated & it requires dilution -it can be used with all types of extr..
€16.35 Ex Tax: €13.29