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  -professional quality mop bucket & wringer -build from heavy duty plastic components -recommended for commercial cleaning -one of the most popular bucket & wringer -dynamic design, very light & cost effective -it will work with all commercial mop heads -the wringer can be purchased separate..
€81.86 Ex Tax: €66.55
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
  -very versatile light medium size mop bucket -suitable for domestic and light commercial -made from very good quality plastic material -it will hold 10 l of water or cleaning solution -available in a wide range of unique colours -the ideal mop bucket for small office cleaning   Little Rich..
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
€115.62 Ex Tax: €94.00
  PILE 30ltr Bucket With O-Key Wringer..
€115.62 Ex Tax: €94.00
-heavy duty bucket & wringer from Robert Scott brand-suitable for domestic and heavy duty industrial use -manufactured from chemical resistant plastic materials-easy to change wheels, replaceable wringer, rust proof-one of the most popular bucket & wringer from Robert ScottA Look At The Robe..
€68.11 Ex Tax: €55.37