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€34.26 Ex Tax: €27.85
  17" Microfiber Floor Pads -suitable for cleaning and maintaining all types of floors -suitable for cleaning & polishing most types of floors -ideal for use on machine speeds up to 350 RPM -this microfiber floor pad can be washed up to 60 times  -it will remove with ease dirt, stains and scuf..
€34.26 Ex Tax: €27.85
€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50
-highly absorbent applicator pad from Bona-recommended for waxing and polishing floors-it will fit most 42cm velcro floor pad holders-it can be machine washed over 300 times-premium quality applicator floor pad from BonaA Look At Bona Applicator PadsThe finishing stage of floor installation or renov..
€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50
€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50
  -superb quality microfiber pad capable of absorbing a lot of moisture -it can be rewashed over 3000 times time without losing its qualities -suitable for lightly scrubbing finished & unfinished wood floors -it can be also used for applying sealants, polishes or varnishes -it will fit any of t..
€9.23 Ex Tax: €7.50
Delta Microfiber Flat Mop - With Scourer - 40 CM..
€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50
Delta Telescopic & Ergonomic Handle - 3 Sections- Green - 85 cm to 180 cm..
€30.75 Ex Tax: €25.00
€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50
  EMR 80 - Microfiber Flat Mop 30 Cm   -top of the range microfiber flat mop head -suitable to use on all types of flooring  ..
€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50
  -high quality microfiber flat mop head designed for light scrubbing -it will fit all types of flat mopping system with velcro attachment back -suitable for daily cleaning & light scrubbing of all types of flooring -this floor pad is made from very absorbent microfiber materials -suitable for ..
€7.38 Ex Tax: €6.00
  EMR80 Velcro - Blue and Red - 14x50 cm - Velcro System   -high quality microfiber flat mop head designed for daily cleaning -it will absorb up to 250 ml of moist and it will clean 30 sq m of floor -suitable for sealed and unsealed solid & semi solid flooring -it improves cleaning and it incr..
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
  -a microfiber flat mop head designed for plastic floors -suitable for cleaning sealed & un-sealed plastic floors -also suiable for washing all types of natural stone floors -it will work with any velcro flat mopping system up to 50 cm -it will improve the quality & the speed of floor cleaning..
€10.81 Ex Tax: €8.79
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
-one of the softest microfiber floor pads available -suitable for dust removing & light floor cleaning -it can be used to apply floor polishes & sealants -recommended for cleaning walls, floors & ceilings -it can be machine washed for up to 1000 times -twice as absorbent as pre-impregnated flo..
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
Microfibre Band For Single Use - White - 11 x 46 Cm..
€0.62 Ex Tax: €0.50
  -very abrasive flat mop head designed for scrubbing -suitable for scrubbing floors, ceilings and some walls -suitable to use with most types of flat mopping systems -it can absorb up to 280 ml of solution in one easy go -it will wash up to 30 square meter of floor with one fill -suitable to ..
€10.82 Ex Tax: €8.80
€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00
Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnet 17"..
€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00
Tri Compo Flatmop Velcro Light Blue - 11.5 x 47 Cm..
€8.60 Ex Tax: €6.99
Washing Eco Pad Velcro Blue 13.5 x 43 Cm..
€5.54 Ex Tax: €4.50