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€34.26 Ex Tax: €27.85
17" Microfiber Floor Pads-suitable for cleaning and maintaining all types of floors-suitable for cleaning & polishing most types of floors-ideal for use on machine speeds up to 350 RPM-this microfiber floor pad can be washed up to 60 times -it will remove with ease dirt, stains and scuff ma..
€34.26 Ex Tax: €27.85
€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50
Bona Cleaning Pad-superb quality microfiber pad capable of absorbing a lot of moisture-it can be rewashed over 3000 times time without losing its qualities-suitable for lightly scrubbing finished & unfinished wood floors-it can be also used for applying sealants, polishes or varnishes-it will fi..
€12.92 Ex Tax: €10.50
€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50
Bona Microfiber Dusting PadMicrofiber dusting pad compatible with all Bona flat mopsIt will collect even the finest particles of dust from all floorsSuitable for light domestic dusting & medium office cleaningTo be used on all types of floors before washing the surfaceIts super electrostatic act..
€15.38 Ex Tax: €12.50
Delta Telescopic Aluminium Handle / 85 cm to 180 cmProfessional heavy duty aluminium telescopic poleCompatible with Concept Microfibre U-Clean frameIt will extend from 85 cm up to 180 cm, very lightPowder Coated with a rust resistant green paintChemical resistant, very stable even when extendedSuita..
€30.75 Ex Tax: €25.00
EMR 80 Light Blue & Red / 11.5 cm x 47 cm / VelcroA top quality velcro backed universal floor cleaning & floor scrubbing padCompatible with all standard 40 cm velcro frames, light blue & redIt will deep clean, scrub residue, absorb liquids & remove dirt from groutSuitable for domesti..
€7.38 Ex Tax: €6.00
Foam Filled Microfiber Mop 40 CmExcellent performance and great dirt absorption guaranteedSuitable for daily floor cleaning, floor maintenance & polishingCompatible with all 40 cm velcro frames from all manufacturersCan be machine washed, durable and highly cost effectiveSuitable for light &..
€4.31 Ex Tax: €3.50
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
Micro Speed Plus Evolution-suitable for dust removing & light floor cleaning-it can be used to apply floor polishes & sealants-recommended for cleaning walls, floors & ceilings-it can be machine washed for up to 1000 times-twice as absorbent as pre-impregnated floor wipes-suitable to use..
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
Microfiber Band For Single Use 11 cm x 46 cmProfessional quality microfiber floor pad suitable for single useSuitable for commercial and domestic floor cleaning/disinfectionThe pad needs to be safely disposed of after useHighly recommended for medical facilities and high risk areas11 cm by 46 c..
€0.62 Ex Tax: €0.50

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€22.76 Ex Tax: €18.50
Microsafe Pocket Mop / Microfiber Floor Cleaning PadHeavy duty microfiber floor cleaning pad compatible with all uneven floorsCompatible with the new Blik Bio Cleaning Tool & other flat mop systemsHighly recommended for cleaning safety floors in health care businessesHighly absorbent, it will no..
€22.76 Ex Tax: €18.50
 Mop Micro Decap - Black 14 cm x 48 cm - Velcro System-very abrasive flat mop head designed for scrubbing-suitable for scrubbing floors, ceilings and some walls-suitable to use with most types of flat mopping systems-it can absorb up to 280 ml of solution in one easy go-it will wash up to 30 sq..
€10.82 Ex Tax: €8.80
€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00
Soil Sorb Carpet Bonnett 17”Highly absorbent pad for carpet maintenance projectsCan also be used for drying out carpets after cleaningThe pad is made from non-aggressive looped yarnDouble sided to increase productivity and cover more areaMachine washable, friction resistant, chemical resistantWill h..
€39.36 Ex Tax: €32.00
Concept Microfiber Washing Eco Pad Velcro Blue 13.5 cm x 43 cmA soft microfiber flat mop suitable for dusting and polishing large floorsThis pad is highly popular with the floor polishing industryDue to its sharp design with sharp corners, this pad can fit into all cornersIt absorbs a lot of liquid ..
€5.54 Ex Tax: €4.50