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€34.26 Ex Tax: €27.85
17" Microfiber Floor Pads-suitable for cleaning and maintaining all types of floors-suitable for cleaning & polishing most types of floors-ideal for use on machine speeds up to 350 RPM-this microfiber floor pad can be washed up to 60 times -it will remove with ease dirt, stains and scuff ma..
€34.26 Ex Tax: €27.85
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
  -superb quality microfiber pad capable of absorbing a lot of moisture -it can be rewashed over 3000 times time without losing its qualities -suitable for lightly scrubbing finished & unfinished wood floors -it can be also used for applying sealants, polishes or varnishes -it will fit any of t..
€10.46 Ex Tax: €8.50
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99
Bona OxyPower Microfiber Deep Clean Pad-heavy duty wood floor cleaning pad from Bona-compatible with all Bona flat mopping systems-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning-removes heavy duty dirt residue from floors-the OxyPower technology lifts & removes dirt-machine washable-reasonably pr..
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99
EMR 80 Light Blue & Red / 11.5 cm x 47 cm / VelcroA top quality velcro backed universal floor cleaning & floor scrubbing padCompatible with all standard 40 cm velcro frames, light blue & redIt will deep clean, scrub residue, absorb liquids & remove dirt from groutSuitable for domesti..
€7.38 Ex Tax: €6.00
EMR 80 Red & Blue Floor Pad 14 cm x 50 cm/ VelcroProfessional floor cleaning pad suitable for scrubbing & deep cleaningVelcro back, zig-zag scourer within the pad, highly absorbent, low costCompatible with Microfiber Concept Velcro Frame, machine washableManufactured from top quality microfi..
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
Concept Microfiber Tri Compo Flat Mop Velcro 11.5 cm x 47 cmProfessional microfiber flat mop head suitable for floor cleaning projectsIt contains a light, medium and aggressive microfiber fibre for scrubbingCompatible with the 40 cm Concept Microfiber aluminium velcro frameSuitable to use on all pla..
€8.60 Ex Tax: €6.99