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Bona Cleaner 5L-heavy duty wood floor cleaner and maintainer-suitable for deep cleaning oiled & varnished floors-Bona Cleaner has to be diluted 1 to 100 before use-suitable for manual or mechanical floor washing -one of the most cost effective wood floor cleaners-can be used for maintaining..
€61.49 Ex Tax: €49.99
€43.05 Ex Tax: €35.00
Bona Deep Clean Solution 5L-heavy duty wood floor cleaner & wood floor refresher-suitable for cleaning varnished and waxed wood floors-dilute 1 to 100 for maintenance or 1 to 50 for deep cleans-suitable to use on laminates, solid & semi solid wood floors-can be used with a scrubber drier or ..
€43.05 Ex Tax: €35.00
-premium quality wood floor cleaner suitable for commercial & domestic use-100% eco friendly -suitable for cleaning oiled and varnished wood floors-contains a pleasant natural fragrance (forest fresh)-to be diluted 1 to 100, can be used with a flat mop-deep cleans, deodorises and enhances the wo..
€17.22 Ex Tax: €14.00
€12.41 Ex Tax: €10.09
 -high quality wood floor cleaner suitable for cleaning polished wood floors-neutral floor cleaner that will deep clean and enhance the look of your floor-this product is highly concentrated so it will last for very long periods of time-it can be used in conjunction with a bona mopping system f..
€12.41 Ex Tax: €10.09
Tover Saniparquet Wood Floor Cleaner-highly concentrated wood floor cleaner and deodoriser-suitable to use on varnished, lacquered & polished floors-to be diluted 1 to 20 for heavy duty floor cleaning projects-can be used with all types of spray mops (Tover Cinderella)-will deep clean and saniti..
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99
€36.84 Ex Tax: €29.95
Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit-easy to use flat mop system with telescopic handle and quick release button-its high quality microfiber pad was designed to pick up even the smallest particles-made from high quality anti rust material & it will work with all Bona pads-the microfiber pad can be machi..
€36.84 Ex Tax: €29.95