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-high traffic antique marble sealant from Faber-suitable for sealing travertine, terrazzo, concrete-quick drying, non glazing solvent based sealant-1 L will cover around 30 sq meter of floors (+-)-it will not create an artificial finish on marble-suitable for commercial and industrial traffic-it can..
€47.96 Ex Tax: €38.99
-wax emulsion resin suitable for sealing vertical surfaces (walls)-Faber B1/920 creates an ultra fine non visible protective coat-it seals and waterproofs the surface and it facilitate easy cleaning-professional sealer suitable for commercial and domestic projects-the product will not alter the natu..
€22.13 Ex Tax: €17.99
€43.91 Ex Tax: €35.70
-heavy duty solvent based stain proof and stone impregnator-suitable for sealing all types of natural stone floors & surfaces-it will not alter the look of the natural stone in any negative way-it will provide superior protection against water and general dirt-to be applied with a roller, a brus..
€43.91 Ex Tax: €35.70
€44.16 Ex Tax: €35.90
-water based water repellent sealer for concrete surfaces-it will aid the mechanical polishing of concrete surfaces-it will provide superior protection against water & dirt -100% water based, eco friendly and very long lasting -it will make the concrete surface harder & more compac..
€44.16 Ex Tax: €35.90
€49.20 Ex Tax: €40.00
-solvent based impregnating, colour enhancing, stain proof & wet look protector-it will not glaze the surface and it will not create an artificial coat over the surface-to be used to enhance the colour of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone surfaces, etc-it will penetrated the most less absorbent ..
€49.20 Ex Tax: €40.00
€61.49 Ex Tax: €49.99
-solvent based, quick drying black impregnator-suitable to use on natural stones, paving, concrete-it will cover around 30 sq meters of floor per 1 L-suitable for interior and exterior applications-to be applied with a roller, brush or towel cloth-non glazing, deep black, very cost effective product..
€61.49 Ex Tax: €49.99
-low cost universal liquid wax from Faber-quick drying, glossy, solvent based wax-works on floors, worktops, walls, statues-to be applied with a brush or a dry cloth-it can be applied over pre-existing finishes-protects against water and  food staining-1 L will cover around 30 sq meters of floo..
€19.67 Ex Tax: €15.99
-solvent based stain proof seal suitable to use on natural stones-it will finish all natural stone surfaces in a nice cool satin finish-suitable for interior and exterior natural stone sealing/stain proofing-it can be applied with a brush, a roller or a special sealant applicator-to be applied on dr..
€36.89 Ex Tax: €29.99
-solvent based impregnator, stain proof & sealer from Faber-suitable to use on all natural stones, paving, limestone, concrete-it will dry in minutes and it will provide few years of protection-to be applied over dry and clean surfaces (roller or a brush)-it will enhance the surface and it will ..
€31.97 Ex Tax: €25.99