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-strong antibacterial cleaning product recommended for the food industry-for food contact surfaces, equipment, floors & walls-contains no perfume so it is ideal for kitchen cleaning-highly concentrated cleaning product that requires dilution Evans Est-eem Cleaner Sanitiser – Where to useThi..
€4.43 Ex Tax: €3.60

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-super concentrated all purpose general cleaner-tough on dirt & very long lasting cleaning product-suitable for use on all types of hard surfaces-brilliant carpet spot remover and pre spray treatment-cleans and refreshes the area in one easy go Evans Mystrol All Purpose Cleaner – Where to u..
€3.60 Ex Tax: €2.93

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€4.49 Ex Tax: €3.65
 -a ready to use antibacterial cleaning disinfectant-kills a wide range of dangerous infections/viruses-a neutral cleaning product suitable for most surfaces-comes in a 5L container and 750 ml spray bottle-highly recommended for school & hospital cleaning-affordable, efficient and Highly ..
€4.49 Ex Tax: €3.65

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 -the ideal cleaning products for the health care establishments-it is suitable for deep cleaning areas with high infection risk-it will remove general dirt and infections from a wide range of surfaces-unperfumed bactericidal cleaner and disinfectant. Passes EN 1276-suitable for commercial and ..
€6.40 Ex Tax: €5.20