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€1.29 Ex Tax: €1.05
  -very popular bioderadable bin liners -suitable for commercial & domestic  -made from 100% biodegradable plastic -strong, durable & very cost effective -guarantees to hold over 4.5 Kg of rubbish -available in 25 bags per roll or 500 per box   20L Biodegradable Bin Liners Review Waste is a..
€1.29 Ex Tax: €1.05
  -superb quality white hd bin liners 15 MU-30 L bin liners suitable for medium bins -suitable for commercial and domestic -eco biodegradable quality bin liners -box of 500 bin liners x 25 bags per roll - 330 + 300 x 750 BOR 1% Oxium   Bin Liners - Where to use Our bin liners are s..
€26.75 Ex Tax: €21.75
  -very strong biodegradable bin liners -it is made from biodegradable plastic -suitable for domestic & commercial -much more durable than other bags -much better for the environment -330 + 300 x 750 BOR 1% Oxium -comes in rolls of 25 biodegradable bags-30L heavy duty biodegradable..
€1.48 Ex Tax: €1.20
€4.91 Ex Tax: €3.99
  - very good quality biodegradable bin bags from the stronghold range - this quality bag is made from 20 micron biodegradable plastic material - suitable for commercial and domestic waste disposal. Holds 7 kilos  - our refuse bags are made from 100% biodegradable materials -available for order..
€4.91 Ex Tax: €3.99
€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50
  -the stronges bin bags available in Ireland -suitable for commercial and domestic jobs -made from 100% biodegradable plastic  -made from 65 micron plastic components -available in rolls of 25 or boxes of 8 rolls -it is suitable for the construction industry    Biodegradable Heavy Duty Bin ..
€6.77 Ex Tax: €5.50
€1.85 Ex Tax: €1.50
  -good quality domestic & light commercial wheelie bin liners -suitable for collecting all types of general waste and rubbish -this weelie bin liner is made from 25 micron compostable plastic -it will keep your wheelie bin clean and it will prevent bad odours -available in rolls of 6 bags or b..
€1.85 Ex Tax: €1.50
  -very strong green biodegradable bin liners 30 L -available in boxes of 200 bags or rolls of 50 bags -suitable for commercial & domestic waste collection -this bags are made frpm 100% biodegradable plastic -it will hold up to 10 kg of dry and wet normal waste       Printed Stronghold Gree..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99
Printed Stronghold Green Swing Bin Liners x 50030L bin linersHeavy duty..
€34.44 Ex Tax: €28.00