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Cleanfast Super Bowl Ceramic, Tile & Grout Cleaner-heavy duty industrial ceramic cleaner and tile & grout cleaner-it will remove organic growth, mould and dirt from tiles & grout-highly effective, acidic, cost effective and manufactured local-suitable for heavy duty & daily cleaning ..
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99
Cleanfast Super Bowl Blue - Toilet Cleaner & Descaler-heavy duty industrial toilet cleaner and descaler-amazing results guaranteed after only one wash-it will break limescale & toilet dirt nearly instantly-superb urine neutraliser and toilet deodoriser-regular use will prevent limescale from..
€3.42 Ex Tax: €2.78
Cleanfast Super Phos Blue - Premium Toilet Cleaner & Descaler 1L-acidic heavy duty bathroom cleaner and toilet descaler-will remove lime scale, uric scale, rust & minerals from toilets-to be used on public urinals, toilets and general bathroom cleaning-will remove corrosion and will brighten..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
  -highly concentrated deodoriser and air freshener - will deodorise and kill the source of the bad odour -suitable to use on most types of carpets & upholstery -it can be added to a mopping solution to deodorise -it has a dilution rate of more than 1 to 4000!   Craftex Super Cherry Concent..
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
    -professional highly concentrated lemon deodoriser -it is suitable for deodorising carpets, floors, sofas, toilets -it works instant and kills a wide range of bad odours -it can be used for mopping or with a spray & wipe system -highly recommended for deodorising commercial jobs -its dilu..
€12.29 Ex Tax: €9.99
€39.06 Ex Tax: €31.76
Superseal Floor Seal 5L..
€39.06 Ex Tax: €31.76