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€8.86 Ex Tax: €7.20
  -heavy duty stainless steel handle-suitable for heavy duty cleaning-compatible with all rubber channel-suitable for commercial & domestic-premium quality product from TTSTTS Stainless Steel Handle Window cleaning is part and parcel of the maintenance program of any establishment- be it y..
€8.86 Ex Tax: €7.20
-the smallest channel & rubber from TTS brand-it can be used to clean “hard to reach” windows-made from premium stainless steel components-it will fit all universal stainless steel  handles-25 cm, very light, premium rubber, cost efectiveGet Sparkling Windows With The TTS Stainless Steel Ch..
€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00
  -highly popular size channel rubber-build from stainless steel materials-heavy duty industrial rubber squeegee-suitable for commercial & domestic-affordable & very durable productWindow Cleaning With The Channel Rubber 35 cmIs it time to get your window cleaned? The dirt and grime co..
€6.21 Ex Tax: €5.05
  -heavy duty commercial channel rubber-build from stainless steel components-suitable for commercial and domestic-compatible with most stainless steel handles-easy rubber changing system (one click)-premium window cleaning equipmentChannel Rubber 45 cmWhen it comes to squeegees, it’s all abou..
€7.10 Ex Tax: €5.77
  -the biggest stainless steel channel & rubber from TTS-suitable for commercial heavy duty window cleaning-build from very light materials & quality stainless steel -compatible with all universal stainless steel handles-efficient, durable, cost effective & very well pricedA Look A..
€8.24 Ex Tax: €6.70