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Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44”Top quality plastic bags manufactured in IrelandSuitable for medium domestic and commercial useSold in boxes of 200 bags or rolls of 25 bags per rollIt will fit most standard rubbish/waste bins in IrelandManufactured locally from recycled plastic materials22 micron thick..
€44.77 Ex Tax: €37.00
€6.04 Ex Tax: €4.99
  SIZE: 26X44” (66 X 112CM)  22 MICRON YELLOW RECYCLED HD SACKS C/FOLDED ON ROLL TO 33CM 25 PER ROLL, 8 ROLLS/ CASE QTY: 200  (8 X 25) *** price per roll of 25 bags***    ..
€6.04 Ex Tax: €4.99
€90.74 Ex Tax: €74.99
  -rich floor primer suitable for all types of wood surfaces -it will create a warm peach colour that can be sealed -one coat of primer & 2 varnish or 2 primers & 1 varnish -5L  should cover about 60 square meter of wood floor -the floor can be resanded between the coats of primer -it can be a..
€90.74 Ex Tax: €74.99

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Self Protecting Netty Microfiber Wipe40 cm x 40 cm, non woven microfiber clothPermanent bacteriostatic treatment, 4 coloursVery resistant and effective on all surfacesLeaves no marks, no streaks and no fluffHighly recommended for fine surface cleaningSuitable for heavy duty commercial cleaning100% M..
€3.62 Ex Tax: €2.99

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Cube Wipe - All Surfaces Microfiber Cloth 90 GSMMulti-purpose cleaning and degreasing wipeCan be used for wet and dry surface cleaningColours available  : yellow, green, red and blue Suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning90 GSM, 40 cm by 40 cm, no fluffing, well pricedCan be used on..
€1.16 Ex Tax: €0.96
  -microfiber washing pad with reinforced power -capable of cleaning, scrubbing and polishing -it will absorb up to 250 ml of cleaning solution -it reduced the need of using buffers or scrubbers -suitable for cleaning small & medium size floors -it will work with any type of velcro flat pad ho..
€11.33 Ex Tax: €9.36
€96.79 Ex Tax: €79.99
-highly concentrated powder suitable for polishing marble-it will create a cool natural finish on natural stones/marble-Faber is one of the world leaders in marble polishing powders-suitable for polishing commercial and domestic marble polishing-it reduces the time needed to achieve magic results on..
€96.79 Ex Tax: €79.99
Heavy Duty Yellow Plastic Bags 18” x 29” X 39”Industrial heavy duty yellow plastic bagsSuitable for clinical waste/rubbish removalSold in boxes of 200 yellow plastic sacksIt will hold around 20 Kg of waste/rubbish18” x 29” x 39” , 30 micron thickness, yellowWell priced, very tough bag, commercial us..
€39.93 Ex Tax: €33.00

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Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls - Blue-premium quality universal all purpose cleaning cloths-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs-it can be used for wet cleaning and daily dry polishing-350 sheets per roll, highly durable, washable, light-the roll fits all types of center fe..
€14.51 Ex Tax: €11.99
-high quality multi purpose cleaning cloths-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning-it can be used for wet or dry cleaning projects-affordable, durable, easy to use, light, tough-available in packs of 50 cloths - blue clothsA Look At The Optima Proclean Spunlace All Purpose ClothsThis is a l..
€3.62 Ex Tax: €2.99
-heavy duty rubber gloves available for commercial use-it will last twice as long as other similar rubber gloves-affordable, light, very durable, highly recommended-sold in packs of 2 gloves, colour coded, chemical resistantProtect Your Hands With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber GlovesSafety is a..
€0.73 Ex Tax: €0.60
-a proper cloth for deep cleaning and polishing-it is suitable for wet and dry cleaning projects-highly popular with the commercial cleaning-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning-sold in packs of 10 cloths (also available bulk)Standard Quality Yellow Dusters For Surface CareTiny particles, m..
€3.34 Ex Tax: €2.76
Wet Floor Sign / Dual Warning “A” Frame SignMade from yellow shock resistant plasticSuitable for heavy duty commercial useOne side clearly displays "cleaning in progress"The other side clearly displays “wet floor”Height 60 cm, width 30 cm, length 27 cmLight, ergonomic and very easy to storeAvoid tri..
€8.47 Ex Tax: €7.00
Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks / Large 26" x 44"Heavy duty yellow plastic bags suitable for clinical wasteManufactured in Ireland from recycled plastic componentsSold in boxes of 200 , 8 rolls x 25 heavy duty yellow bagsIt will hold over 20 kg of clinical or hazardous waste/rubbish26” x 44” , it is com..
€58.07 Ex Tax: €47.99