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Yellow Plastic Bags 26” x 44”Top quality plastic bags manufactured in IrelandSuitable for medium domestic and commercial useSold in boxes of 200 bags or rolls of 25 bags per rollIt will fit most standard rubbish/waste bins in IrelandManufactured locally from recycled plastic materials22 micron thick..
€45.51 Ex Tax: €37.00
€6.14 Ex Tax: €4.99
  SIZE: 26X44” (66 X 112CM)  22 MICRON YELLOW RECYCLED HD SACKS C/FOLDED ON ROLL TO 33CM 25 PER ROLL, 8 ROLLS/ CASE QTY: 200  (8 X 25) *** price per roll of 25 bags***    ..
€6.14 Ex Tax: €4.99
€79.94 Ex Tax: €64.99
  -rich floor primer suitable for all types of wood surfaces -it will create a warm peach colour that can be sealed -one coat of primer & 2 varnish or 2 primers & 1 varnish -5L  should cover about 60 square meter of wood floor -the floor can be resanded between the coats of primer -it can be a..
€79.94 Ex Tax: €64.99

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Concept Microfiber Netty Cloths - Self Protected Cloth / Blue, Green, Yellow & Red..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99
  -microfiber washing pad with reinforced power -capable of cleaning, scrubbing and polishing -it will absorb up to 250 ml of cleaning solution -it reduced the need of using buffers or scrubbers -suitable for cleaning small & medium size floors -it will work with any type of velcro flat pad ho..
€11.32 Ex Tax: €9.20
€98.39 Ex Tax: €79.99
-highly concentrated powder suitable for polishing marble-it will create a cool natural finish on natural stones/marble-Faber is one of the world leaders in marble polishing powders-suitable for polishing commercial and domestic marble polishing-it reduces the time needed to achieve magic results on..
€98.39 Ex Tax: €79.99
Heavy Duty Yellow Plastic Bags 18” x 29” X 39”Industrial heavy duty yellow plastic bagsSuitable for clinical waste/rubbish removalSold in boxes of 200 yellow plastic sacksIt will hold around 20 Kg of waste/rubbish18” x 29” x 39” , 30 micron thickness, yellowWell priced, very tough bag, commercial us..
€40.59 Ex Tax: €33.00
€1.22 Ex Tax: €0.99
  large household rubber gloves yellow..
€1.22 Ex Tax: €0.99
Optima Lightweight All Purpose Cloth Rolls - Blue-premium quality universal all purpose cleaning cloths-suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs-it can be used for wet cleaning and daily dry polishing-350 sheets per roll, highly durable, washable, light-the roll fits all types of center fe..
€14.75 Ex Tax: €11.99
-high quality multi purpose cleaning cloths-suitable for commercial & domestic cleaning-it can be used for wet or dry cleaning projects-affordable, durable, easy to use, light, tough-available in packs of 50 cloths - blue clothsA Look At The Optima Proclean Spunlace All Purpose ClothsThis is a l..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99
-heavy duty rubber gloves available for commercial use-it will last twice as long as other similar rubber gloves-affordable, light, very durable, highly recommended-sold in packs of 2 gloves, colour coded, chemical resistantProtect Your Hands With Ramon Proguard Colour Coded Rubber GlovesSafety is a..
€0.74 Ex Tax: €0.60
-a proper cloth for deep cleaning and polishing-it is suitable for wet and dry cleaning projects-highly popular with the commercial cleaning-suitable for domestic and commercial cleaning-sold in packs of 10 cloths (also available bulk)Standard Quality Yellow Dusters For Surface CareTiny particles, m..
€3.39 Ex Tax: €2.76
€8.61 Ex Tax: €7.00
  -double sided - Cleaning In Progress & Wet Floor -suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning jobs -carring handle, very visible, very light & very tough -the ideal size for any wet floor sign : 300 x 400 x 600 -a must have sign to avoid all types of accident claims    Wet Floor Sign Revi..
€8.61 Ex Tax: €7.00
Yellow Clinical Waste Sacks / Large 26" x 44"Heavy duty yellow plastic bags suitable for clinical wasteManufactured in Ireland from recycled plastic componentsSold in boxes of 200 , 8 rolls x 25 heavy duty yellow bagsIt will hold over 20 kg of clinical or hazardous waste/rubbish26” x 44” , it is com..
€59.03 Ex Tax: €47.99