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Concept Microfiber Netty Cloths - Self Protected Cloth / Blue, Green, Yellow & Red..
€3.68 Ex Tax: €2.99
  -microfiber washing pad with reinforced power -capable of cleaning, scrubbing and polishing -it will absorb up to 250 ml of cleaning solution -it reduced the need of using buffers or scrubbers -suitable for cleaning small & medium size floors -it will work with any type of velcro flat pad ho..
€11.32 Ex Tax: €9.20
€18.28 Ex Tax: €14.86
P45 Cover Looped Yellow 45 Cm..
€18.28 Ex Tax: €14.86
-professional quality yellow microfiber cloth-suitable for domestic and industrial cleaning-40 cm x 40 cm, 200 GSM, machine washable-place your order now & have your cloth tomorrowRobert Scott Microfiber Cloth 200 GSM 40 cm x 40 cm - Yellow - For Quality CleaningThese microfiber cloths can be us..
€0.80 Ex Tax: €0.65
-commercial & domestic yellow microfiber cloth-220 GSM, 40 cm x 40 cm, colour coded - Yellow-suitable for deep cleaning, polishing & maintenance- machine re-washable over 500 times (warm water)Yellow Microfiber Cloth 40 cm x 40 cm Blue / 220 GSM ReviewMicrofiber technology is one of the most..
€0.92 Ex Tax: €0.75
  Yellow Microfiber Cloths 300 GSM   ..
€1.85 Ex Tax: €1.50