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-another high quality oil based wood stain from Tover

-suitable for staining furniture and wooden floors

-it will stain your wood in a nice rich teak colour

-very high coverage & very fast drying time

-it can be varnished or sealed with a floor polish


Teak Wood Stain Guide


Teak wood is in its own class. The wood itself is famous for its hardness and dense nature, plus it’s a tropical wood that comes with an oily feel. It's popular for both interior and exterior furniture. It's durable, naturally resistant to fungus, insets and decay. It even prevents rust when it's in contact with metal. What of the colour? It ranges between a tawny gold, with dark brown and gold streaks and a honey wood colour. As the wood ages, it develops a royal and antique look. Its beauty and hearty nature has seen it used everywhere from flooring and exterior furniture to even panels. To keep it in its original condition and enhance its appearance, you need a product specially designed for it- the Teak Wood Stain. 


Your wood surfaces will only be as good as you maintain them. For instance, outdoor furniture is constantly exposed to the elements, such as snow, ice, rain, sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations. Regular upkeep is required for the surfaces to retain their beauty. The Teak Wood Stain enables you to enjoy your furniture for years. You can even hand it down to future generations (or sell it since its value will have grown exponentially). But what if you have a different kind of wood surface and still want the teak hardwood appearance? The Teak Wood Stain works across the scope to give different types of wood surfaces the distinct and beautiful golden honey-tone look. 


What Is The Teak Wood Stain?

It's an oil-based wood stain formulated to penetrate the wood surface and enhance its sheen. It blends well with the natural oils found in the wood itself. Teak wood slowly turns silver grey with time. It usually begins happening a few weeks for new wood surfaces. This is caused by the natural oil evaporating or getting oxidised. For outdoor furniture such as patios, the greying process is faster. You can use the Teak Wood Stain to restore the original colour. This product isn't limited to teak surfaces. You can use it to give any wood surface that beautiful teak look and feel.


How To Use The Teak Wood Stain

Follow these procedure:

1. The first step is to prepare the wood surface. Ensure the wood surface is completely clean and dry. Remove traces of former finishing. For indoor flooring and furniture, you'll be required to lightly sand the surfaces. Use an 80-100 grit sand paper. (You can go even up to 150-180 grit if a finer surface is required). If there are coats of polish, strip them off. For outdoor furniture, Mother Nature has already done most of the work for you. Being exposed to the elements loosens old finish, making it easier for you to remove. Wash down the surfaces using a power washer or a high pressure hose. If any finishing remains, remove it with a sandpaper.


2. Apply it using a bristle brush or a foam brush. Your choice here depends on your preferred traits. For instance, the foam brushes have an even and soft texture, and tend to soak in excess stain. You can also use a soft sponge. 


Work along the grain. Take particular note of the areas that are prone to decay, such as the end-grain.


3. Give the Teak Wood Stain a couple of minutes to dry for you to observe the tone you want. This will tell you if you need to a more stain on the surface or not. For instance, the tone after waiting for 3 minutes is deeper than that after 8 minutes. This is because more stain is getting absorbed into the wood surface. After getting your desired tone, remove the excess from the surface. If you just want a light tone, wipe up the excess stain immediately after applying the coat. 


4. Allow it to dry completely. Give it at least 24 hours before you return furniture onto the floor, or before loading your deck.


How often you’ll be needed to stain the wood surfaces depends on the usage, and the type of surface. For instance, floors will require more frequent staining due to the amount of traffic they handle, compared to furniture and cabinets. Note that you can develop your own customised colour by mixing the Teak Wood Stains with other stains. However, only it mix with oil-based stains from Tover. 


Tips For Using The Teak Wood Stain


· Always test out the product on an inconspicuous area on the wood surface, or on a scrap of wood. This is especially when you're using the Teak Wood Stain on other wood surfaces that aren't made of teak. 


· Stir the Teak Wood Stain container to even out the dyes and pigments, and bring up any that have settled on the bottom.


· When wiping off the excess Teak Wood Stain from the surface, work in the direction of the wood grain. This will ensure the desired coat permeates deep into the wood, and it will prevent any marks from forming. In addition, don't wipe the surface clean like when you're getting rid of food or drink stains. Also don't leave a heavy wood stain layer. If you want a deeper sheen, you can always apply additional coats. Remember to allow sufficient dry time in-between consecutive coats.


· Ensure that, after you apply the Teak Wood Stain on a floor, you let it dry completely before dragging any furniture on it, or allowing heavy foot traffic. You don't want track marks all over the damp floor.


· Take the necessary safety precautions: wear a dust mask while sanding the wood surface; wear a pair of gloves when applying the Teak Wood Stain; and work in a well-ventilated environment.


· Don't make the mistake of leaving freshly stained outdoor furniture outside to dry. It'll trap all kinds of dirt and debris, which will affect the result. Keep such furniture indoors to dry- like in your garage or shed.


· Apply a finish over the wood surface to enhance its protection. You can use either water-based or oil-based finishes. However, if you plan on using a water-based finish over the Teak Wood Stain, wait for 24 hours after application (or 48 if you're in a cold climate). This will give the mineral spirits sufficient time to evaporate.


· Protect your wood surfaces by cleaning them regularly. It's a simple requirement that goes a long way in lengthening the life of your wood.

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