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Semi Enclosed Toilet Brush Set White

  • Budget semi enclosed toilet brush set suitable for domestic & commercial use

  • Manufactured from flexible and shock resistant plastic components/materials

  • Suitable for daily toilet cleaning and maintenance or heavy duty bowl scrubbing

  • Highly recommended for bars, schools, pubs, GYMs, offices & industrial units

  • Unaffected by acidic toilet cleaners & descalers, beautiful design, light and tough

  • It can be used for unblocking clogged toilets or for scrubbing limescale residue

Semi Enclosed Toilet Brush Set White - Where to use

Only after you have used a low quality toilet brush set you will really appreciate this top quality but low cost Semi Enclosed Toilet Brush Set White. Manufactured from heavy duty flexible plastic components, this Semi Enclosed Toilet Brush Set White is the ideal set for schools, pubs, restaurants, public buildings, offices, GYMs, etc. The handle is designed for heavy duty scrubbing and toilet unblocking projects. The brush can be used for scrubbing inside the toilet or all types of urinal cleaning projects. Harsh chemicals will not bother it & very hot water will also not affect it in any negative way. It is priced to sell fast and it will outlast most toilet brushes that you can buy for more or less the same price in your local grocery shop.

Semi Enclosed Toilet Brush Set White - How to use it

Its main job is to keep the inside of your toilet spotless. So apply some kind of toilet cleaner & descaler all over the toilet walls, allow up to 5 min to soften up the dirt and then scrub the whole toilet with the brush head. Repeat the operation if the expected results are not achieved after the initial clean. The same toilet brush can be used to unblock clogged toilets. Put the brush into the toilet until you can feel the bottom of the toilet and then start moving the brush up and down to create some kind of “pumping” pressure to remove the blockage.

Have a look at all our toilet brushes and toilet cleaning tools. We are an official distributor for a number of well established brands within the industry. We have the right solution for your special requirements.

Semi Enclosed Toilet Brush Set White

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