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Tover Deteroil Oil Floor Cleaner

Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner-highly concentrated oil floor cleaner-suitable for all types of oiled or waxed floors-brilliant quality and affordable pricing-easy to use without any special traini..

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Two Pack Water Based Floor Lacquer

Tover Firestop - Fire Resistant Floor Lacquer-two pack water based floor lacquer from Tover-suitable for commercial and industrial projects-classified n C fire resistance EN 13501-1 EU Norm-highly res..

Tover Fondo Isolante - Amberseal Floor Primer

 Tover Fondo Isolante  / Solvent Based Wood Floor PrimerSynthetic solvent-based impregnating sealer for all wood floorsQuick drying, self leveling, amber finish, 12 sq meters per LitreCan be..

Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner

Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner-premium wood floor cleaner & wood floor maintainer-suitable for cleaning sport room floors & gym floors-it will deep clean and create an anti-slip sur..

Tover Home Maxi Floor Lacquer

Tover Home Maxi Floor Lacquer -top of the range domestic water based floor varnish-suitable to use on new or newly sanded wood surfaces-it will provide full protection against traffic for 5 years-suit..

Tover Idrofondo H20 Wood Floor Primer

Tover Idrofondo H20 Wood Floor PrimerDeep penetrating water based wood floor sealer from ToverIt will maintain the natural look of the wood without glazing itIt will seal all pores and it will create ..

Tover Idrolak DR97 Floor Lacquer / Two Pack High Traffic

Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish -very high traffic floor varnish available in mat, extra mat and satin-suitable for domestic floors and very high traffic commercial floors-easy to apply..

Tover Lega Stucco RS 200 Gap Filler

 Tover Lega Stucco RS20 Gap Filler -professional solvent based gap filler with great filling properties-suitable for filling gaps between 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm on wood floors-dries fast, it can be san..

Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish

Tover Lux Wood Floor Polish-superb quality wood floor polish designed for old & worn wood floors-it will seal your floor and it will create a satin protective coat of polish-water based wood floor..

Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1L

Tover L`Olio Floor Oil 1LHeavy duty floor oil made from a blend of organic oilsSuitable for sealing and staining all types of unsealed wood floorsCan be used for protecting, colouring and re..

Tover Natural Wood Oil 2.5 L

Tover Natural Floor Oil 2.5 L100% invisible natural floor oil from ToverSuitable for commercial and residential useAvailable in 2.5 L bottle, penetrating sealerCan be used with or without a hardenerWi..

Tover OIL4SUN Decking Oil

Tover Oil4sun Decking OilA natural deep impregnating decking oil & garden furniture protector from ToverA non glazing formula that will penetrate the wood in full, UV safe, easy to applyIt will co..

Tover Pulito Parquet Cleaner

 Tover Pulito Wood Floor Cleaner-high quality wood floor cleaner suitable for cleaning polished wood floors-neutral floor cleaner that will deep clean and enhance the look of your floor-this prod..

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination DetergentDecontamination detergent based on sodium hypochloriteDeveloped complying with all WHO guidelines & legislationSafe to use on all washable surfaces, floo..

Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil / Refresher

Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil-satin finish refreshing oil from Tover-suitable to use on all waxed floors-it will fully dry in about 3-4 hours-it will provide up to 2 years of protection-to be applied..
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