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Cappuccino Wood Stain 

-a light oil based professional wood stain from Tover

-suitable for commercial and domestic wood staining

-recommended for staining light types of wood floors

-to be overcoated with a two pack water based lacquer

-it can be applied with a cloth or a low speed floor buffer

-safe to use on floors, frames, woodwork, doors, etc

-a light coffee finish to enhance boring wood surfaces

-it will cover around 20 to 30 square meters per 1 L

Cappuccino Wood Stain - Why cappuccino

If you own pine wood floors and if you are not happy with the way it looks, you can use Cappuccino Wood Stain to create a warmer tone without darkening up the finish. The stain will create a finish colour similar to “coffee foam”. Not recommended to use on walnut or oak wood surfaces.

Cappuccino Wood Stain - Where to use

Where to not use is the question? This high quality wood floor stain can be used on any solid or semi solid wood surface. This particular wood stain is in high demand with the floor refinishing industry. The easiest way of transforming very bright wood surfaces into more classic looking finishes. This quality wood stain can be used for staining wood floors, frames, sculptures, doors, woodwork, toys, etc. The stain will require sealing with a water based floor lacquer or a solvent based finish. If used for staining exterior wood surfaces be sure that the sealant used to overcoat is suitable for exterior use.

Cappuccino Wood Stain - How to use

Remove all pre-existing finishes from the wood surface and make sure that the wood surface is sealant free, dust free and dry. You can use a towel cloth to stain small wood surfaces or you can use a floor buffer and a white floor pad to stain larger floor staining projects. Do not combine the wood stain with other wood stains and do not dilute the wood stain. Put on a pair of gloves and prepare for staining.

Soak the cloth in the wood stain and start applying the stain to the wood. It is recommended that you go along the fibre of the wood. Apply the same pressure over the entire area. Allow the floor to absorb whatever it needs and remove the excess. If some areas look patchy after staining, go over it one more time. There is either too much wood stain or not enough. Always start with the edges and then move to the middle. Be careful not to stain any other surfaces that do not need staining.  After the job is done, allow 3-5 hours to dry and then seal the floor. The stain is just a colour, not a protector.

Cappuccino Wood Stain - Coverage

The Cappuccino Wood Stain is a great product that can cover up to 50 sq meters of floor when applied with a floor buffer. If you are using a cloth to stain smaller surfaces, you should be able to achieve 20-30 sq meters per 1L. The type of wood surface being stained can determine the coverage area. Softer wood surfaces are likely to absorb more wood stain.

Cappuccino Wood Stain 

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