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Floor Oil 100% - Neutral Colour - 1L


-one of the most beautiful organic floor oil

-suitable for sealing all types of wood surfaces

-it will cover between 10 to 30 square m per L

-it will finish your wood in a nice natural finish

-not suitable for overcoating with varnishes


How To Use:

Shake well the tin before using it. With a towel cloth you can statrt waxing the wood. Apply one thin coat of floor oil all over the floor. Do not oversoak the wood and do not use more in one area than in the other areas to avoid long drying times. You can use this floor oil as a primer or as finishing coat. It can be overcoated with a hardwax oil. Bigger floor areas can be waxed with a floor buffer and a white pad. Waxing a floor takes longer than varnishing but the results are well worth it. The wax will dry between 2 to 24 hours, depending on few factors.


Where To Use:

This quality floor oil can be used to wax and seal all types of solid or semi solid wood surfaces. The floor has to be dry and dust free before waxing. One coat of floor oil will provide full protection but a second coat might be required to achieve the right colour. Allow to floor to absorb whatever it needs and remove all the excess floor oil with a cloth. If you are looking for unique colours, you can mix up few diferent colours of floor oil.


Floor Oil 100% - Neutral Colour - 1L

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