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Lilla Wood Stain

-cute, fun, unique and very easy to apply

-looks great on very light wood surfaces

-to be applied with a cloth or floor buffer

-1L should cover between 20 to 30 sq M

-requires overcoating with a lacquer

-to be applied over unsealed surfaces

-mostly used for staining wood furniture

-will transform white surfaces instantly

-reasonably priced, high coverage area, quick drying, unique

Lilla Wood Stain - Why lilla

Lilla may look like a strange colour and you may assume that very few people would use it, but the reality is very different. This fun and vibrant wood stain is one of the most popular wood stains from Tover. It is mostly used for staining chairs, tables, garden furniture, wood banisters, window frames & doors. From time to time we all want a little change. Things that once looked cool, don`t look cool anymore. Well, using a wood stain is a cheap and easy way to make a change in your home or garden which will be noticeable and uplifting and wont cost the earth.

Lilla Wood Stain - Where to use

If you are planning to stain a solid or a semi solid wood surface, then you can use Tover Lilla Wood Stain without any problems. It is essential that you remove all pre-existing finishes from the wood and make sure that the surface is clean, dust free and 100% dry. You can use the Lilla Wood Stain to stain all types of light wood floors (pine), furniture, frames, doors, toys, sculptures, handles, etc. Pre-test a small area before using on a larger scale to make sure that you are happy with the finish. Bear in mind that all Tover wood stains are designed to add a hint of a colour in the grain of the wood. You will not transform the wood surface from white into clear lilla. After you are done with the staining, you will need to apply 1 coat of some type of sealer to protect the wood. The wood stain is just a colour and it has no protective qualities

Lilla Wood Stain - How to use

You can use the Lilla Wood Stain on new wood surfaces or on old wood surfaces. If you are staining a new wood surface that was never sealed before, you need to make sure that the surface is dry and dust free. In some cases a light sanding with 150 grit sandpaper would help the absorption, even if the surface is brand new. If you are planning to stain an old wood surface, you will need to make sure that the wood is sealant free before staining it. Start sanding the surface with 40 grit and go up on grit until 100 grit. Always sand the surface by going along the fibre of the wood. When the surface is spotless and sealant free, you can start the sanding process:

  1. Put on a pair of nitrile or rubber gloves and put masking tape around the edges to avoid staining surfaces that don`t require staining

  2. You can use a cloth for staining small surfaces or you can use a floor pad for larger floor areas

  3. Soak the cloth in the stain and start rubbing it against the wood surface - going along the wood fibre

  4. Apply even pressure all over the surface and go over it a few times until the wood surface looks evenly coloured

  5. 3-5 hours later you are ready for sealing the surface with a two pack water based floor lacquer or a solvent based finish. Job done

Lilla Wood Stain - Coverage area

You will cover over 20-30 sq meters per 1L but it depends on the wood absorption, the way you apply it and the how good you are at it. A professional floor refinishing company can achieve over 50 sq meters per 1L with proper equipment. Always order more wood stain than you need to avoid being left short. Whatever extra wood stain is left, keep it for patching up in the future.

Lilla Wood Stain

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