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Neutral Wood Stain

-a light oil based wood stain suitable for evening out colours

-it will create a warm finish on very bright types of wood floors

-perfect for staining floors made up from a few types of woods

-will cover around 20-30 sq meter of wood floor per 1 L of stain

-to be applied with a cloth or a low speed floor buffer & a pad

-not suitable for applying on dark wood surfaces like walnut & oak

-to be overcoated with a two pack water based floor lacquer

-affordable, high coverage, natural looking, professional finish

Neutral Wood Stain - Why neutral

If you are doing a floor refinishing project on a floor that is made up from white and yellow pine floorboards, you can even up the colour differences with the Neutral Wood Stain. The stain will “yellow” up the white wood floor and it will help blend it in better with the yellow pine. Same story if you are trying to stain a wood staircase that has paint residue on the side of the steps. The area  that used to be painted is likely to be a bit darker than the rest of the step. You can even up the colour with Neutral Wood Stain

Neutral Wood Stain - Where to use

The Neutral Wood Stain can be used on any type of wood surface. This particular wood stain can only be used on bright coloured wood surfaces. If applied on darker wood surfaces, it will be invisible. Recommended for staining wood stairs, frames, garden furniture, pine floors, doors, sculptures, handles, etc. A very light and easy to use professional wood stain from Tover. No special training is required to use this wood stain. 

Neutral Wood Stain - How to use

In most cases, the neutral wood stain is used to even up colours. If you are sanding old wood stairs or old floor boards that over time got repaired with newer and brighter wood stain, you will need to use the Neutral Wood Stain. First of all, you need to make sure that the surface is sealant free, dry & dust free. All types of water based or solvent based finishes can be removed with sandpaper. After the surface is prepared and ready for staining, you need to put on a pair of latex, nitrile or rubber gloves and prepare a good dry cloth.

  1. Stir the tin well to create a perfect even colour

  2. Soak the cloth in the stain and start rubbing it against the fibre of the wood

  3. Try not to stain any other surface besides the one that was planned

  4. 1 coat of stain will do the job but a second coat might be required in some cases

  5. 3-8 hours later (varying from job to job) you will need to seal the stain

Neutral Wood Stain - Coverage

The Neutral Wood Stain will cover anything between 20 to 30 square meters of wood floor per 1L. The actual coverage area will depend on how well the surface was sanded, how you apply it and what type of wood floor you are using it on. Professional floor refinishing companies can achieve over 50 sq meter per L. Always buy a bit more wood stain than you need just in case.

Neutral Wood Stain

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