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Night Blue Wood Stain

-a medium dark wood stain with a hint of blue

-compatible with all types of unsealed wood

-creates a unique “blue” finish on pine floors

-to be applied with a cloth or a low speed buffer

-will cover around 20 to 30 sq meters per L

-suitable for staining indoor & outdoor wood

-no special training required to use this stain

-to be applied only on unsealed wood surfaces

-to be overcoated with a two pack floor lacquer

Night Blue Wood Stain - Why blue

Even if it is called “blue”, the actually colour is a kind of dark grey/black with a hint of blue in the grain of the wood. It looks best when applied to pine or any type of very light wood surface. A unique colour that will create some conversation around it. It will look black in the dark and blue in the sunshine. It looks amazing on garden furniture. 

Night Blue Wood Stain - Where to use it

There are universal stains that are compatible with all types of wood surfaces. Then there are wood stains that are only compatible with dark wood surfaces. Then there are wood stains like Night Blue Wood Stain that only work on very light types of wood surfaces. This high quality uniquely coloured wood stain can be used for staining wood floors, frames, handles, sculptures, furniture, garden chairs & tables, etc. One coat should do it in most cases but a second coat may sometimes be required. If you are staining garden furniture, be sure to overcoat it with sealers suitable for exterior use.

Night Blue Wood Stain - How to apply it

Stir the tin well before use to create a perfect even colour. Cover any areas that do not require staining. Make sure that the wood surface is sealant free, dry and dust free. If there is sealant on the surface, you will need to remove it before staining the wood. After the sealant is fully removed, you can start the process of staining.

Soak the cloth in the wood stain and apply it directly to the wood. Go along the fibre of the wood to create a perfect even colour. Don`t worry if the surface looks patchy and uneven coloured, you can go over it one more time at the end to even up the stain. Patches on the wood floor after staining means that the surface has absorbed either too much or too little in that particular area. 3-8 hours later (varying from floor to floor) you should seal the surface.

Night Blue Wood Stain - Coverage area

Even if the tin of wood stain looks pretty small, it can cover up to 50 sq meters of wood floor. If you are not a professional floor refinishing contractor with professional tools, you are likely to only cover around 20 to 30 sq meter of floor. Always order more wood stain than needed to avoid being left short.

Night Blue Wood Stain

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