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Pearl Wood Stain 

  • A light “pearl” like coloured wood stain from Tover

  • Suitable for staining wood floors, stairs & furniture

  • Will cover 20 to 30 square meters of wood per L

  • To be overcoated with a two pack water based sealer

  • To be applied with a cloth or a low speed floor buffer

  • Looks great on white pine furniture & wood tables

  • Oil based wood stain with a very quick drying period

Pearl Wood Stain - Why pearl

Tover Pearl Wood Stain is not the most popular wood stain from the Tover range. It can be hard to decide where to use it and there are a few other wood stains within the same colour range. It is generally used for staining stairs, wood floors and pine furniture. It is not suitable for using on dark coloured wood surfaces.

Pearl Wood Stain - Where to use

A light oil based wood stain compatible with most wood surfaces. It can be used to achieve warmer finishes on very light coloured wood floors. To be used on pine floors & pine furniture, doors, frames, handles, toys, etc. Not as dark as honey and not as light as neutral. Pre-testing required before applying this wood stain to larger areas.

Pearl Wood Stain  - How to use

With a bit of preparation, staining wood floors or wood furniture can be easily done and not a job just for professionals. As long as you do a bit of surface preparation, you can easily do the staining yourself. Bear in mind that a wood stain is not a sealer and it requires some kind of protection over it.

Assess the wood surface before staining and if you are happy that there is no sealant on it, you can start staining it. If there is a sealant on it, you will need to remove it by sanding before staining the surface. 

Stir the tin well to create a perfect even colour. Soak the cloth in the wood stain and start rubbing it against the wood surfaces, going along the fibre of the wood. If you notice patches or uneven surfaces, you can go over it one more time to even up the colour. Be careful not to touch any other surfaces that do not require staining. 3 to 8 hours later, varying from job to job, you will need to overcoat the surface with a two coat water based floor lacquer or a solvent sealer. Job done. 

Pearl Wood Stain - Coverage area

All Tover wood stains are designed for professional use so you can be sure that you will achieve the maximum possible from a wood stain. On average, you should be able to cover 20 to 30 sq meters per 1 L of wood stain. If you are planning to stain wood floors and are using a low speed floor buffer, you can achieve over 50 sq meter of floor with 1L of wood stain.

Tover Pearl Wood Stain

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