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Rose Wood Stain

Rose Wood Stain

-light pink/rose wood stain from Tover

-only visible on yellow types of wood

-to be applied in one coat system +sealer

-will cover between 20 to 30 sq m per L

-to be used on wood floors and furniture

-no odour, no fumes and no yellowing

-suitable for commercial and domestic use

-no special training required to use it

-will add a hint of pink/rose to wood

Rose Wood Stain - Why rose

One of the lightest wood stains available in Ireland. This quality wood stain is suitable for “enhancing” boring wood surfaces. If you have a very white wood floor or a piece of furniture and you want to change the look a bit, not a lot, you can apply 1 coat of Rose Wood Stain. The wood stain will add a slight hint of rose/pink in the fibre of the wood. Seal the surface with a matt two pack water based floor lacquer.

Rose Wood Stain - Where to use

This amazing product can be used on all types of real wood surfaces. It will look its best when applied to yellow pine or general yellow wood surfaces. It creates a beautiful unique look on old floorboards. Even if the name says rose, it will not make your floors pink. Just a slight hint of rose. It can also be used to stain wood furniture, frames, handles, toys, chairs, skirtings, etc. Pre-testing recommended before staining large surfaces.

Rose Wood Stain - How to use

To be able to stain any type of real wood surface, you will need to make sure that the surface is sealant free, dust free, clean and dry. All Tover wood stains are oil based and cannot penetrate wet wood. All wood stains have to penetrate the wood fully to change the colour. Bear in mind that all wood stains are “colours” only and require overcoating with a sealer. Two pack water based floor lacquers are the ideal wood sealers for Tover wood stains. 

If there is a sealer on the surface, you will need to remove it by sanding the floor. Small areas can be hand sanded & larger floor surfaces will require sanding equipment. After all the sealers are gone, you will need to put on a pair of gloves, prepare a cloth and start staining the wood:

  1. Stir the tin well to create an even colour inside the tin

  2. Soak the cloth in the stain and rub it against the wood surface, going with the fibre

  3. Only apply whatever the wood can absorb & remove the excess

  4. Go over one more time to make sure that the the whole surface looks even

  5. Wait 3-8 hours and apply the first coat of sealer

  6. Job done

Rose Wood Stain - Coverage area

All professional wood stains have a great coverage area. Tover wood stains cover on average around 20-30 sq meters per L when applied manually or over 50 sq meters when applied with a floor buffer. It all depends on the type of surface that you are staining, the quality of your tools & your skill.

Rose Wood Stain

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