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Smoke Wood Stain

Smoke Wood Stain

-a light brown/grey oiled based wood stain from Tover

-suitable to use on floors, frames, furniture, sculptures

-to be applied with a towel cloth or a low speed buffer

-requires sealing after it has dried

-suitable for commercial and domestic staining jobs

-will cover anything between 20 to 30 sq meters per L

-looks great on bright coloured wood surfaces (pine)

-two pack water based lacquer to be used (oil based)

Smoke Wood Stain - Why smoke

The Smoke Wood Stain is the ideal wood stain for wood floors or any other type of wood surface, that don`t look great in grey or black. The Smoke Wood Stain is a dark wood stain highly popular with the bar/restaurant industry. It covers all types of imperfections on wood and it creates a “rich” finish.

Smoke Wood Stain - Where to use

Multi use oil based wood stain from Tover. A professional looking finish suitable for staining all types of hardwood floors, semi solid wood floors, frames, doors, furniture, handles, garden furniture, etc. The ideal wood stain for covering up wood damage, wood discoloration, water damage, etc. It will be fully absorbed by the wood and it will create a perfect even colour all over the surface. To be applied in one coat system but two coats can be done to achieve a darker finish. Remember, the wood stain has no protective qualities. Seal the surface before walking on it. If you are planning to use a water based floor sealer, use a two pack water based floor lacquer.

Smoke Wood Stain - How to use

Using a wood stain is not rocket science but a bit of common sense is required to achieve great results. First of all, cover all the skirting, all frames and all areas where you could touch painted surfaces with wood stain. Get a pair of gloves and a towel cloth and you are ready for work.

You need to make sure that the surface that you plan to stain is sealant free. If you plan to use the wood stain on an old wood floor, there must be a sealant on it. A varnish, lacquer, hardwax oil, floor oil, sealer, etc would be classified as a sealer. You will need to sand the floor to remove it in full. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood to change the colour. After the wood floor is sealant free, dry and dust free, you are ready for staining.

Soak the cloth in the wood stain and apply it to the surface. Go along the fibre of the wood. Repeat the operation a few times until the surface looks even and there are no patches. Allow the wood to absorb whatever it needs and remove the excess. Wait for 3-8 hours before sealing the surface. 

Smoke Wood Stain - Coverage area

All Tover wood stains are sold in 1L cans. 1L should cover anywhere between 20 to 30 sq meters. In some cases you might achieve more and in other cases you might achieve less. It all depends on how you apply it and on what type of wood. Always buy a bit more wood stain than you need

Smoke Wood Stain

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