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Tover Deteroil Oil Floor Cleaner


-highly concentrated oil floor cleaner

-suitable for all types of oiled or waxed floors

-brilliant quality & affordable pricing

-easy to use without any training

-for use on domestic and commercial floors


Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner - Where to use

Oiled hardwood floors cannot be cleaned with a lot of moist or acidic clraning products. The wax or the oil could react with the cleaning agent and it could permanently damage your floors. Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner was designed to deep clean and maintain any type of solid or semi solid floors that was sealed with a natural oil or wax. Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner will bond with the existing finish and it will maintain and restore the natural look of your floors. This outstanding product contains no moist and it is eco-friendly. Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner is not suitable for cleaning laminate floors. If your floor was waxed or oiled, you need to try this magic product. One of the most loved italian oiled floor cleaners.


Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner - How to use

Dilute the product to the recommended dilution and wash your floor as usual. Avoid over soaking the floor and use a spray and wipe system. One deep clean per day should be enough to maintain your floors nice and clean. If the floor is not used, do not clean it. Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner can be used for washing big floors in conjunction with a floor scrubbing machine. 


Tover Deteroil Oiled Floor Cleaner - Dilution

The dilution rate can vary from floor to floor. The recommended dilution rate is 1 to 10 but you can increase it or decreas it after assessing the job. Use te recommended dilution to avoid wasting your product.


Tover Deteroil Oil Floor Cleaner - Natural soap for oiled and wax-treated wooden floors. Natural soap recommended for frequent cleaning of oiled parquet and other types of solid and semi solid wood floors. It cleans the wood and feeds it, improving the protective characteristics of the oil treatment.


Tover Deteroil Oil Floor Cleaner

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