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Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner

-premium wood floor cleaner & wood floor maintainer

-suitable for cleaning sport room floors & gym floors

-it will deep clean and create an anti-slip surface on wood

-highly concentrated, cost effective & easy to use

-recommended for commercial & domestic cleaning

-dilution rate 1 to 100, PH neutral, all wood suitable

Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner Review

When it comes to indoor sports, the state of the floor can make or break the game. From basketball and volleyball courts, all through to gymnasiums, players need to be able to confidently move around on a clean surface without slipping. This can be ensured using products like the Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner.

How To Use The Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner

It`s a versatile product, and can be used for preparing both the sporting floor, or the shoes that the players are going to use for the game. Follow these steps for the two use cases:

Floor preparation
1. Prepare the solution by diluting 2 caps of the Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner with a litre of water.
2. Soak a cloth or mop in the solution, wringing it till its damp, then proceed to wash the floor surface with it.
3. Allow to dry.
Note that you are not required to rinse the floor after application. In case the surface is heavily soiled, wash it using a sponge that has been soaked in the Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner without diluting it. For expansive surfaces you can always use a cleaning machine to enhance your speed of operations.

Shoe preparation

1. Take a towel and pour undiluted Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner on it.
2. Clean the soles of the shoes.
This can be done periodically even during the game to ensure that the shoes have proper grip.
In both cases, after you`re done with the application, wash the cloths and mops used with water.

Benefits Of The Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner

Increased traction

Sporting floors require proper grip to protect the players. With all the running around, to the sweating and body fats that ends up on the floor making it slippery, it can be hazardous and lead to slip and fall accidents. Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner comes in to prevent this from happening, by increasing the grip of the surface. This enhances the safety standards of the floor, and the players have enough traction to maneuver easily all through the game. When applied to the shoes directly, this also enhances the grip for the individual players, which boosts their agility while in the heat of the game. They'll spend less time worrying about toppling over and more on actually improving the scoreline.

Cleaning action
The Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner is a versatile product, with its formulation allowing it to also remove the grime that ends up on the floor. This enables you to take care of both the floor's anti-slip and dirt removal needs with each application, lowering the amount of time spent on the task. It prepares the surface before the game kicks off, and helps in renewing and improving the shoes during the cause of the play.

Cost convenient
The Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner comes in affordable 1L bottle and 5L drum packages. With the different sizes, you are able to go with the product that suits your specific needs. Regular maintenance of the sportive floors also keeps the surfaces in optimal condition, thus allowing you to reduce your maintenance costs over time. The increased grip on the surface and shoes also means that players get to avoid slip and fall accidents and the hefty medical costs that come with attending to the injuries. Focus shifts from concerns over safety to actually enjoying the game.

Tover Grip & Clean Sportfloor Cleaner

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