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Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish

Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish

 -very high traffic floor varnish available in mat, extra mat and satin

-suitable for domestic floors and very high traffic commercial floors

-easy to apply, easy to maintain and very resistant to chemicals

-one of the most popular type of water based floor varnish from Tover

-this high quality varnish comes in two pack, the varnish + the hardener

-very high coverage area, very short drying times & very long lasting

-suitable for recoating over other water based varnishes & polishes

-it can be applied with a roller, a varnish applicator or with a spray


Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish – Where to use

Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish is a professional quality water based varnish. It is suitable for varnish all types of solid and semi solid wood floors & all types of wood surfaces. It will enhance the look of the wood and it will provide great protection against spillages, scratches, traffic wear and floor cleaning chemicals. Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish is a pretty affordable water based floor varnish with very long life expectancy under constant traffic. It can be applied over newly sanded wood surfaces or new wood surfaces. Overcoating over old water based floor varnishes is also possible. One of the most beautiful water based varnishes from Tover.  Suitable to use on school floors, pub floors, gym floors, restaurant floors, domestic floors, etc. Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish can be applied over oil based wood stains.


Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish - How to use

Make sure that the wood surface that you plan to treat, is dry and dust free. You can sand up the floor to remove all the existing floor finishes or you can varnish new wood surfaces. Apply one thin coat of varnish with a roller, a varnish applicator or a special spray system (for industrial floors).  Recoating is possible after around 2 hours but the periods can vary from floor to floor and day to day. In wet day, the periods between recoating could increase to 4 hours. Another light sanding is needed after the first coat of varnish is 100% dry. Use a soft sand paper (150 to 180 grit) to get rid of all the small spikes and imperfections that have become more visible in contact with the varnish. Some floor sanding specialists are sanding the second coat of varnish as well but it is optional. Apply the second coat of varnish and after about 2 hours, apply the third coat. Job done. Remember to mix up the varnish with the hardener to achieve long lasting results. The perfect mixing ratio is 90% varnish 10% hardener. It doesn`t have to be perfect.


If you are looking for a highly popular and long lasting water based floor varnish, you should try Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish. Very few other brands of floor varnishes can achieve the same results.



Tover Idrolak DR97 Two Pack Floor Varnish – Outstanding quality for fair prices!



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