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Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent

  • Decontamination detergent based on sodium hypochlorite

  • Developed complying with all WHO guidelines & legislation

  • Safe to use on all washable surfaces, floors, walls, furniture

  • Suitable for commercial and domestic decontamination jobs

  • Highly concentrated product, a dilution of 1 to 100 is required

  • Wash the surface with the product and do no rinse the surface

  • Wash the surface with a cleaner and disinfect with Tover Reset 4.2

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent - Where To Use

Highly concentrated heavy duty decontamination detergent suitable for commercial and domestic cleaning projects. The product can be used to disinfect and decontaminate all types of hard surfaces including floors, walls, furniture, handles, toilets, public spaces, glass, etc. Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent is a heavy duty decontamination detergent based on sodium hypochlorite. 

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent - Dilution

You are using a highly concentrated heavy duty decontamination liquid. Dilute 1 to 100 in warm water and apply it to any surface after it was cleaned. Add two caps per 5L bucket of warm water. Do not over dilute or under dilute.

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent - How To Use It

After the product was diluted to the recommended dilution ratio, you can use the product with any cleaning method you prefer. Just spray the surface, mop the surface or add it to a cleaning solution. The product will kill a wide range of bacteria, viruses and harmful infections. Affordable, efficient and cost effective.

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent - WHO

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent complies with all WHO recommendations. The product is highly efficient and provides long lasting results. COVID 19 will stand no chance. This product should not be missing from any professional cleaning companys van

Tover Reset 4.2 l Decontamination Detergent

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