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Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil

Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil

-satin finish refreshing oil from Tover

-suitable to use on all waxed floors

-it will fully dry in about 3-4 hours

-it will provide up to 2 years of protection

-to be applied with a cloth or a floor pad

A Look At The Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil

After you`ve oiled your wood floor, it’s all elegant and you desire it to remain that way. However, it`s still prone to wear effects such as from the daily foot traffic it handles, solar radiation, all through to cleaning action- like when you thoroughly scrub the surface to remove stubborn stains and dirt spots. As such, the beauty will diminish over time. However, this does not mean that you need to completely overhaul the finish that you had applied. A simple touch-up will enable you to revitalize the flooring. This is achieved using products such as the Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil.

How To Use The Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil

The first thing you need to do is ensure that the wood surface is ready to receive the Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil. This includes giving it a thorough wash to get rid of the dirt and grime on the floor, all through to light sanding for the raw wood floors that haven't been treated with any product. For the cleaning, use a neutral soap such as Deteroil. Allow the surface to dry, then proceed with these steps:

1. Stir the product well using a clean stick to even out the contents.
2. Soak a cloth in Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil and apply it evenly onto the surface.
3. Allow a short drying time of around 30 minutes, then polish the surface using a dry and soft cloth, or a floor polishing machine depending on your working conditions.
4. Give 4 hours drying time for the floor to be ready to use.

Note that you should avoid wet cleaning or applying any more maintenance treatments for at least 20 days within which the Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil coat will have completely cured. In addition, do not use it on varnished wood. After you’re done, clean any cloths and sponges that were used with plenty of water and let them dry before disposal.

Why You Should Invest In The Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil

Enhanced aesthetic appeal
With the Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil, you are able to counter the wear effects that have taken away the beauty of the oiled wood floor and dulled its appearance. It's a formulation of oils and waxes that revitalizes the oil finish that had been previously applied, enabling you to bring back that characteristic charm that enhances the ambiance of the interior space. From rejuvenating worn out parquet flooring, all through to exterior wood surfaces, the Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil is versatile. The waxes in its formulation also enable it to be used for treating raw wood, which protects its structural integrity while enhancing the grain patterns.

Budget friendly
The Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil is beneficial to your buildings floor maintenance budget in a couple of ways. For starters, its affordable price tag allows you to make savings right from the purchase stage. Secondly, its wide application rate of 40-50m²/L means each unit gets to take you a long way. The floor protection that it provides means you get to avoid hefty repair costs that would have cropped up in future, further lowering your overall floor maintenance costs.

Tover Rinovoil Maintenance Oil

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