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Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent

  • Ready to use universal sanitizing detergent based on benzalkonium chloride

  • Premium quality disinfectant and sanitizer suitable to use on all hard surfaces

  • It will clean and disinfect instantly and it will also slightly deodorise the surface

  • It complies with all WHO recommendations - efficient against COVID 19 Virus

  • Removes deep impregnated grime & kills germs, fungi, algae and spores 

  • Highly recommended for commercial buildings, public buildings and offices

  • It can safely be used around pets, asthmatics, kids and sick/vunerable people

  • Spray it directly on the surface and allow it to work for a few min before wiping

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent - Where To Use It

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent is a professional RTU (ready to use) hard surface cleaner and sanitizer. The product can be used on all washable surfaces. It can be used for deep cleaning and disinfecting walls, desks, floors, frames, plastic, chrome, stainless steel & all painted surfaces. The product contains a slight perfume. Highly recommended for cleaning and maintaining public buildings, schools, pubs, restaurants & domestic units. 

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent - How To Use It

This powerful disinfectant and sanitizer has to be in contact with the surface for a few minutes. It is recommended that you pre-spray the surface, allow 1-3 min to work and then wipe it off with a dry cloth. The product will clean fast and it will leave the surface streak free and spotless. Shake the bottle well before use. No need to rinse off after cleaning.

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent - WHO

This product complies with all EU legislation. This product also complies with all WHO recommendations. Efficient against COVID 19 and also a wide range of viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores. Deep clean and disinfect your building with proper cleaning products

Tover Saniplus l Universal Sanitizing Detergent

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