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Tover Smart Floor Lacquer

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer

  • Polyurethane, water based floor lacquer from Tover

  • A premium quality, fume free and non yellowing floor lacquer

  • It will maintain the natural look of the wood without glazing

  • Quick drying, compatible with all primers, easy to apply

  • Suitable for residential floor sealing and furniture sealing

  • To be applied in a 2-3 coats system over a dry floor primer

  • Estimated drying time : 1-2 hours | Coverage area 10 sq m

  • 28% solid content, available in a matt, semi gloss & gloss

  • Highly popular with the floor sanding & refinishing industry

  • To be applied generously with a quality varnishing roller

  • It can be refreshed regularly with a water based floor polish

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Why Use It

The new Tover Smart Floor Lacquer is the budget floor lacquer from the Tover range. Even if the product is recommended for residential use, it does not mean that the product is low quality. Quite the contrary. The new Tover Smart Floor Lacquer is a top quality water based floor lacquer, 100% polyurethane based, quick drying and compatible with all residential wood floors with low to medium traffic. The product is also perfect for varnishing doors, windows, frames, furniture, worktops, etc. Its main selling point is its low cost, its high coverage and the fact that it is 100% fume free. 

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Where To Use It

The ideal water based floor lacquer for sealing all types of wooden floors with low to medium traffic. The product was designed for indoor use and it can be used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces. It contains no solvent or any kind of harsh chemicals and that makes it compatible with worktops and kids toys. A no nonsense water based floor lacquer for all types of indoor lacquering projects. The product has a thick consistency and it looks natural. Even if the surface is exposed to a lot of sunlight, the chance of UV reactions or discoloration is 0. The product will not yellow and has a superior resistance against high heel marks.

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | How To Use It

Making sure that the surface is prepared right, sanded with the correct grit, primed and vacuumed is the first step. All pre-existing finishes will have to be fully removed and the wood floor will have to be gradually sanded. The first sanding process should be done with 40 grit sanding paper, then 60 grit sanding paper, then 80 grit sanding paper & the final sanding before priming should be done with 100 grit sanding paper. The estimated coverage area for the 1st coat over the primer is 10 sq meters per 1 L with the consecutive coats covering over 12 sq meters per 1L. The edges and all the narrow spaces where the varnishing rollers cannot fit has to be done with a small vanishing brush while the larger areas have to be done with a good quality varnishing roller. Make sure to roll in the floor lacquer moving along with the fiber of the wood and not against it. The estimated drying time between coats is anywhere between 1 to 3 hours but it can depend on the weather, the ventilation and the application method. The first coat of floor lacquer has to be abraded | sanded with 150 or 180 grit sanding paper. By doing so, all imperfections, markings and lacquer overlapping will be removed and the surface will be fully prepared for the final coats.

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer | Recommendations

Do not apply the product over oil based wood stains. Apply the product over a primed wood surface. Do not leave puddles of floor lacquer on the floor. Do not apply the second coat of floor lacquer unless the first coat is fully dried. Make sure to abrade the first coat of lacquer if you are looking for a smooth finish. Vacuuming the surface a number of times prior to applying the lacquer is a must. Do not mix up semi gloss with matt floor lacquer to avoid creating patchy finishes. Do not walk on the floors unless 100% dry. All tools used to apply the floor lacquer will have to be washed with clean water within a few minutes after the job is completed. Use spotless varnishing brushes and varnishing rollers to avoid streaking the surface. 

Tover Smart Floor Lacquer

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