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Tover TOVCOL TP5 / Parquet & Floating Laminate Floors Adhesive

Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood

  • Water based glue, solvent free, for bonding of self-locking floors

  • Also great for installing laminate flooring and thin engineered floors

  • Odourless, easy to use, solvent free, completely transparent, cheap

  • The product has superior water resistance and it dries in minutes

  • Suitable for light domestic use and heavy duty commercial flooring

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, no special training is required

Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood - Where to use

Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood is a water based universal wood glue suitable for bonding all types of self-locking floors and laminate. The product can be used on all types of surfaces without a lot of preparation. Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood can also be used for general wood gluing and repairing jobs. The product has no odour, is water resistant and very fast drying. 

Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood - How to use

Vacuum the floor to remove any residue or dust. Make sure that the surface is as dry as possible and apply the glue on the back of your floorboard or directly on the floor. Install the floor over it and allow 12-24 hours to dry before traffic. If you are gluing wood profile or wood furniture, remove all the residue, apply the glue, wait 5-10 min, then join all the parts and lock the parts in a fixed place for a few hours. The product is safe to use without a lot of protection and it will dry without staining the wood surface.

Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood is an easy to use professional glue. It is reasonably priced and provides outstanding results when used right. Order online for fast delivery to your home or business, anywhere in Ireland.

Tover TOCOL TP5 / Vinyl Glue For Wood

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