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-one of the most durable water based varnishes ever made

-suitable for all types of solid and semi solid wood floors

-available in matte, extra matte, semi gloss and high gloss finishes

-very easy to apply and very easy to maintain and clean

-it will last for many years even under constant high traffic

-it will dry fast and it will allow recoating after only 2 hours

-it is suitable to use on sport room floors and gym floors


Tover Uniqua High Traffic Varnish – Where to use

There are domestic floor varnishes, there are high traffic floor varnishes and then there is Tover Uniqua Floor Varnish. This water based floor varnish was designed for all areas with very high traffic and big footfall. It is suitable for use on dance floors, sport rooms, restaurants, pubs, offices, schools, churches, etc. Tover Uniqua High Traffic Floor Varnish can be used for domestic floors also, especially in houses with large pets. This superb high traffic floor varnish can be used on all types of semi solid and solid wood floors.


Tover Uniqua High Traffic Varnish – How to use

This incredible water based floor varnish can be used with success even by people with no training. It will even up nicely and it will glaze your floor with a natural looking protective coat. Sand the floors and remove all the pre existing finishes before varnishing. Some floors may require a primer before varnishing. Apply the first coat of water based floor varnish with a paint roller or a special varnish applicator. Allow approx. 1 to 2 hours to dry and re-sand your floor with a fine grit sand paper to get rid of all the small imperfections. Hoover up all the dust and apply the second coat of varnish. A light sanding with a fine grit sand paper is possible but not necessary. The third coat can be applied after about 1 to 2 hours. Job done. For better, longer lasting results allow a few hours drying time before using the floor.


Tover Uniqua High Traffic Varnish – Recommendations

This is a water based floor varnish and it must be applied over newly sanded surfaces or raw floors. Re coating over pre existing finishes is possible but the results cannot be guaranteed. Only apply varnish over clean and dry floor surfaces. Tover Uniqua Water Based Varnish is not your ordinary high traffic floor varnish. This product is one of the best varnishes ever made. The manufacturers of this product have been producing high quality products for over 100 years, so there are many many years of expertise behind this product and it shows.


You can use Tover Uniqua Water Based Varnish to seal floors, furniture, banisters, doors, window frames, etc. This product will help retain the natural look of your wood but with all the qualities of a high traffic sealant.

1 litre of Tover Uniqua Water Based Varnish will cover 12 to 15 square meters of floor (first coat). The second coat will cover up to 20 square meters per litre.

If you are looking for a high traffic floor varnish to protect and enhance your floors, please try Tover Uniqua Water Based Varnish. You will be impressed with the quality of this product and how easy it is to use it.


Tover Uniqua Water Based Varnish – Professional quality for less!

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