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Tover Wood Stains 1L

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Tover Wood Stains

-professional wood stains manufactured in Italy

-natural finishes and very quick drying periods

-compatible with most two pack floor lacquers

-1L will cover up to 40 sq meters of wood floor

-to be applied with a cloth or a low speed buffer

-suitable for staining any unsealed wood surface

-suitable for the professional floor refinishing industry

-no training required to use Tover wood stains

-Tover wood stains are available in many colours

Tover Wood Stains - Where to use

Many professional floor refinishing flooring companies use Tover Wood Stains on a daily basis. There is a wide range of colours to satisfy even the most demanding person. Tover Wood Stains have an amazing coverage area and dry in less than 2 hours. You can use Tover Wood Stains to stain any type of solid or semi solid wood floors, furniture, frames, doors, handles, toys, etc. The wood stain has to penetrate the wood in full so you will need to make sure that the wood surface is sealant free, dry & clean.

Tover Wood Stains - How to use

Stir the tin before use. For small staining projects you can use a cloth and for large floor areas you will need to use a low speed floor buffer and a white floor pad. Protect the skirting and the furniture with masking tape. Apply the wood stain going along the fibre of the wood. To achieve unique colours you can also mix up Tover wood stains. Tover Wood Stains are oil based so you will need to use solvent based lacquer or a water based two pack floor lacquer to seal it.

Tover Wood Stains - Coverage area

The manufacturer recommends a coverage area of 20 to 40 sq meters per 1L of wood stain. The actual coverage area can be lower or higher, depending on the surface, the way you apply it and the skill of the person that applies it. By using a low speed floor buffer you can double the coverage area

Tover Wood Stains - Colours available

White Wood Stain       Whiskey Wood Stain      Wenge Wood Stain     Light Walnut Wood Stain

Walnut Wood Stain    Tobacco Wood Stain     Teak Wood Stain    Stone Wood Stain

Smoke Wood Stain    Pearl Wood Stain    Rose Wood Stain    Night Blue Wood Stain

Natural Wood Stain    Mahogany Wood Stain    Moss Wood Stain    Lilla Wood Stain

Light Grey Wood Stain    Honey Wood Stain  Grey Wood Stain Artic Wood Stain

Green Wood Stain    Fume Wood Stain    Dark Walnut Wood Stain     Cherry Wood Stain

Cappuccino Wood Stain    Blue Capri Wood Stain    Black Ebony Wood Stain 

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