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Evans Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap 500 ml


-high quality unperfumed hand soap

-recommended for the food industry

-tough on dirt but very soft on skin

-creamy lather with thorough cleansing action

-500 ml of soap plus the soap dispenser

-contains moisturiser to protect skin



 Evans Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap

Whether you are a homeowner, staff member, a supplier, a worker or customer, when it comes to hygiene first impression is important. A clean toilet in business premises is a good impression that will last forever in a client’s mind. Always ensure that your washrooms are properly cleaned, well ventilated, and an efficient hand washing and drying facilities.

Infections spread rapidly if people don’t wash their hands regularly and thoroughly. Don’t let your business premises be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The impact of your business or home morale and productivity can be increased if your staffs don’t get sick through the spread of infection costing you hospital bills.

Place a Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap on the washroom sink and running water. If possible, they can be contactless to ensure people have the option to practice proper hygiene and stop the spread of germs. in food industries,it is necessary to use a hand wash that does not have perfume to avoid spreading the scent. When one handles food after using scented soap, a customer can taste the scent of the hand wash.

Features of Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap

• Rich, creamy lather with effective action
• It has a moisturizer that protects the skin
• Its unperfumed, ideal where food is handled
• Mild and gentle to the skin, ideal for frequent hand washing.
• It contains emollients for maximum skin protection
• It’s a high-quality unperfumed hand wash.

Why you should start using Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap

1. Effective cleansing action
Trigon Unperfumed rich and creamy lather offers an efficient cleaning action. It gets rid of all the visible dirt such as grease, oil and all sorts of grime from your hands. Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap should be placed in workplaces washrooms, hotels education establishments and any other place that needs handwashing exercises. The hand soap is trusted by parents to cleanse all the dirt after their children play, people who handle food such as chefs and business owners to keep their clients free from germs.

2. Gentle on hands
Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap has a neutral pH that makes it safe for skin. The hand soap can be used with those who have skin sensitivity. Don’t worry about skin burns or irritations, Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap is mild and ensures that your skin does not react with the cleanser.

3. Skin protection
Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap is formulated with moisturizing ingredients that protect your skin. If you have dry and flaking skin, the hand soap has got you covered. You do not need to use creams after washing your hands using Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap. It leaves your hands feeling soft, moist, fresh, invigorated and most of all clean.

4. Affordable
Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap gives you options that fit your budget. It is packed in a 500ml bottle, 1L cartridge and 5L bottle. Whether you want for family use or an event Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap got you covered and its cost friendly. You can also use it in low traffic washrooms or commercial places such as restaurants and industrial areas.

When to wash your hands

You can wash your hands anytime you think that they are dirty or have come into contact with dirty surfaces. Here are some situations that you should wash your hands.

• Before and after caring for a wound
• Before, during and after preparing food.
• Before and after caring for a patient.
• Before and after changing a child’s diaper.
• After coming into contact with garbage
• After handling pets, animal food or wastes.
• After blowing your nose.
• Before inserting or removing contact lenses.

How to wash your hands using Trogon Unperfumed Hand Soap

1. Get your hands wet. Place your hands under running water. The water could be cold or warm but not hot. Allow your hands to get wet all over.

2. Apply Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap. Dispense a little amount of the hand soap on your palm. Start rubbing together to distribute the lather. Use the lather to scrub both sides of your hands. Do not forget to scrub in between your fingers, under the nail beds and around the wrists.

3. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. You could hum a short song while washing your hands to keep track of time. You can use more than 20 seconds if the dirt on your hands is a lot.

4. Rinse your hands thoroughly. After you are done scrubbing your hands and satisfied that they are clean, rinse them under running water. Allow the water to run all over your hands. Rinse away all the soap that is still intact from your hands.

5. Dry your hands. Use a clean towel to dry your hands. You can also use an air drying unit if it is available. Ensure that your hands are completely dry.

6. Turn off the tap. Use a towel or a piece of tissue if the tap is not automatically shut off.

How does Trogon Unperfumed Hand Soap work?

When you wash your hands with Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap and water, the soap chemically breaks down the oil. While rubbing of your hands to form a lather, that friction removes the oils mechanically. That means the longer and more soap that you use to rub your hands together, once rinsed the dirt and oils are washed away. Washing your hands for 20 seconds or more is effective in removing microbes.

How to care for your hands.

Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap keeps germs on your hands at bay, but you have to take an extra step to care for them. Educate your family on how to take care of the hands and practice proper hygiene.

• After washing your hands using Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap, apply a skin friendly lotion or cream. The cream helps to retain your hand's moisture.
• Use rubber gloves when carrying out your daily chores. House chores that make you come into contact with water may affect your skin especially if you are working for long hours. The detergents too corrode your skin.
• Consult your doctor in case of any skin irritation and also any changes in your hands.
Precaution for safe handling of Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap
• Store in a cool dry place and in its original container
• Store Trigon Unperfumed Hand Soap away from oxidizing materials.
• If the hand soap comes into contact with your eyes, rinse with plenty of water and get medical attention immediately.

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