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TTS Fixed Stainless Steel Ergo Handle

  • Brand: TTS
  • Product Code: 2389
  • Availability: In Stock


-premium quality universal fit handle

-compatible with all channel rubbers

-light, durable and very well priced

-recommended for daily heavy use

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-plastic & stainless steel build

TTS Ergonomic Handle

When you look out of your window, what do you see? Do you have an elegant view of the outdoors, or are there spots on that glass that are coming in the way? Are the windows clear or is there a layer of dust coating the surface? Windows are bound to get soiled over time. Dirt and grime comes from all sorts of sources- the dust particles floating around the air, exhaust fumes and cigarette smoke particles that latch onto the glass, insect waste from the little bugs that run across the surface and leave behind their faecal residue, bird droppings when they perch on the window sills to rest before they take off for their next flight, hard water runoff that leaves mineral stains on the surface when it dries, stickers from the kids who went overboard during their playtime and decorated the windows with them, decals on the windows that were intended to prevent the birds from flying into them- the soiling takes away the beauty of the windows, ruining the curb appeal and even affecting their functionality. Getting them clean is vital for your living and working conditions, and to preserve the structural integrity of your investment. After all, it’s not like the windows were cheap to install. Workmanship depends on the tools available. For a quality job, you want quality tools. This ranges from the cleaning solutions used, microfiber and lint-free cloths, all through to squeegees and the equipment to use them with, such as the TTS Ergonomic Handle.

Value Of The TTS Ergonomic Handle

1. Firm grip

The TTS Ergonomic Handle walks the talk. Its rubberised grip design makes it true to its name: it's ergonomic. Handling it is easy, from connecting it with the Channel & Rubber, and gripping it firmly when your hands are wet and you don’t want it slipping out of your palm. Lightweight too, the TTS Ergonomic Handle makes the window cleaning a breeze, and you get the task done in moments.

2. Stainless steel structure

Underneath the rubber is a strong and durable stainless steel structure. This has multiple benefits. First, you get to use the TTS Ergonomic Handle for multiple cleaning sessions as it is built to last. Secondly, the stainless steel nature means that issues like rusting won’t be a concern. This keeps it performing optimally for longer, giving you a value return for your investment.

3. Easy usage

Simply attach the TTS Ergonomic Handle to the Channel & Rubber being used for the cleaning and you’re good to go. For getting to the high rise windows, an extension pole can be used. The rubber blade can be used for both the cleaning and drying. Ensure that its remains in contact with the glass as you wipe it in strokes. In between the consecutive strokes, dry the squeegee's rubber blade with a clean lint-free cloth. At the end of the process, you’ll be left with sparkling glass that lets in the light through the windows and enables you to enjoy the view outside, in addition to boosting your curb appeal and improving your living and working conditions.

4. Affordable

The TTS Ergonomic Handle also has a budget-friendly price tag, that allows you to add it to your cleaning equipment without denting your wallet. Its compatibility with a wide range of handles plus the Channel & Rubber also enables you to further cut down on costs.

TTS Ergonomic Handle

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