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TTS Fixed Stainless Steel Handle

  • Brand: TTS
  • Product Code: 2390
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-heavy duty stainless steel handle

-suitable for heavy duty cleaning

-compatible with all rubber channel

-suitable for commercial & domestic

-premium quality product from TTS

TTS Stainless Steel Handle

Window cleaning is part and parcel of the maintenance program of any establishment- be it your home, office building, retail outlet, yoga studio, club and entertainment centre, government building, all through to health and educational centres. The windows, the eyes into the building, pick up dirt around the clock. Dust settles on the glass from the environment, pollutants from vehicle exhaust for those near roads, to hard water minerals for those who have sprinklers spraying water on the yard, waste from birds that perch on the sills, to insects that streak across the window- it's a mess. How do you get rid of it all? There are different supplies that you will need for the window cleaning job, from the brush or sponge (or a squeegee), a rubber squeegee for the drying, either absorbent lint-free or microfiber cloths, cleaning solutions, all through to the T-Bars and stainless steel handles used for holding the cleaning heads. You want quality products that you can trust to get the job done, such as the TTS Stainless Steel Handle.

Benefits Of The TTS Stainless Steel Handle

1. Strong grip

No one likes it when you struggle to maintain your grip on the handles in the middle of cleaning because they keep slipping from your wet hands. It becomes difficult to carry out the job. Even when fixing the setup, without a firm hold you can spend extra time just getting the cleaning apparatus ready to use. With this stainless steel handle, you won’t have to worry about that. It comes with a secure and water-resistant rubberised grip. That keeps it firm in your hand as you use it, and also when you attach the Royal Channel & Rubber during set up.

2. Rust-free

You don’t want to worry about your cleaning tools rusting. After all, there'll always be plenty of water involved in the process, and you don’t want a constant nagging thought at the back of your mind that the equipment you’re using is getting degraded in the process. Then there is the additional issue of rust stains being formed on the surface being cleaned. The TTS Stainless Steel handle is true to its name: it's has stainless steel structure. This makes it able to prevent rust from forming on it, thus protecting its structural integrity and enhancing the life of your equipment.

3. Easy cleaning

The stainless steel handle, used with the TTS Channel & Rubber, makes it easy to get the smudges, dirt and grime that's coating the window surface, and leave a streak-free result. For small-paned windows, you can wipe the water away vertically by working the rubber blade from the top to bottom. Larger windows like picture windows can be worked on using horizontal strokes. Overlap the strokes with a couple of inches, remembering to wipe the blade dry using a lint-free cloth after each stroke.

4. Pocket friendly

This stainless steel handle goes easy on your wallet. It comes with an affordable price tag, which means you’ll be making savings right from when you make the purchase. What's more, since it’s built to prevent rust formation and withstand heavy use, it lasts for long, which reduces your cleaning and maintenance budget in the long run.

TTS Stainless Steel Handle

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