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TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm

  • Brand: TTS
  • Product Code: 2383
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€4.92 Ex Tax: €4.00

-the smallest channel & rubber from TTS brand

-it can be used to clean “hard to reach” windows

-made from premium stainless steel components

-it will fit all universal stainless steel  handles

-25 cm, very light, premium rubber, cost efective

Get Sparkling Windows With The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm

Grime on the windows reduces their visibility, and not to mention makes them unsightly to behold. You can barely enjoy the view outside the property when there are smudges and dust layers on the glass coming in the way, and your curb appeal also gets ruined. Whether it’s in your home, your business premises, or you’re a realtor looking to sell or rent out property, the state of the windows is critical. Their structural integrity is also at stake, especially when the grime accumulates for long. When you open the windows to let in that nice breeze, you end up breathing in dirty air from particles picked up from the surfaces. As such, getting the windows cleaned regularly is a vital part of your building’s maintenance program. In order for the process to be a success, you require efficient equipment. This ranges from the systems used to get the cleaning solutions up to the window, all through to the squeegee used to dry them. Incorporating the TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm into your arsenal will enable you get the results you desire.

Benefits Of The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm

1. Strong and durable

With the frequency you'll be cleaning the windows, you'll want tools that can last. The stainless steel structure of the TTS channel gives it enhanced durability, capable of providing you with multiple cleaning sessions without you worrying about aspects like wear or rust. This ensures you get optimal performance each time you go about the cleaning task. This is welcome news for homeowners looking for window cleaning supplies that will last for long, commercial establishments where the window cleaning is literally a daily necessity, all through to window cleaning companies where the efficiency of their operations and clients’ satisfaction depends on the structural integrity of their tools.

2. Adaptable to other surfaces in the building

The cleaning and drying nature of the squeegee with the TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm allows it to be employed on different flat surfaces in the building. For instance, you can use it in the shower, to push the water and soapy residues that remain after a bath into the drain, that way saving you from the workload that would have resulted had you allowed them to build up to be attended to later. After washing surfaces like countertops and rinsing them, you can use the same squeegee to dry it. Even those pet hairs that are clinging onto furniture can be swiped off. This makes it quite handy for those quick fixes around the house.

3. Easy to use

The TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm is lightweight, reducing the overall bulk of the squeegee system. This means less energy is spent as you wipe across the windows. In addition, the structure allows easy change of the rubber when you want to switch it. The variable positioning options of the structure also allows you to set up the window cleaning system to suit your particular situation.

TTS Stainless Steel Channel & Rubber 25 cm

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